The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, California 90802

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Special exhibits, including a Ghost tour of the ship as well as a tour of a nearby Russian submarine, incur additional costs.

Address: 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, California 90802

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Phone: 877-342-0738
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 6 pm More Info
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Submitted by: Elizabeth M.

I enjoyed the 4th of july there and the fireworks were spectacular, but they need to work on their customer service. Sightseeing of the museum was interesting and different. After looping around in circles for almost an hour trying to reach the upper floors, I finally discovered you gotta exit the museum and use a separate staircase located outside. Their choice of dining is very limited with only four restaurants that were insanely overcrowded on a holiday. We had to wait for almost an hour and a half to be seated just to get mediocre burgers. And they rushed us with the bill to accomodate the rest of their waitlist. There was another waitlist for chairs that you can get from the banquet hall so we preferre...

Submitted by: Marissa S.

I have always loved the Queen Mary. I have been going for years. So why just the 4 star rating then? The Negatives: 1. No Wi-Fi in the rooms. 2.  Room rates keep going up every time they change management. (for that price, I go back to point one. I want me some Wi-Fi!) 3.  They need to embrace the fact that the ship IS haunted and just deal with it. Yes, they have ghost tours. But I have been investigating the paranormal for 20 years (waaaay before all these TV shows have been on) and I am what is considered a serious ghost hunter. Not just some kid out for thrills. So I feel they need to embrace the fact they are haunted and give us serious ghost hunters a break. 4.  Drinks are super expensive. Save some mo...

Submitted by: Stacey M.

My parents, my daughter and I...

Submitted by: Keycee D.

My boyfriend and I stayed at Queen Mary over a year ago for my boyfriend's birthday.  WE did the self tour...It felt creepy, the whole weekend i was just creeped out.  Not only did the place feel creepy but creepy shiez happened in our hotel room. My boyfriend and I didn't realize what really happened after we talked about it the next day.  It was in the middle of the night, when we were just sleeping in our room, I felt my bf get up so I looked over and he was just standing in front of the mirror...i was too tired to even care so I went back to sleep. The next day, my bf told me he had some weird dream, I asked him what the heck was he doing staring at himself in the mirror next to our bed in the dark...and...

Submitted by: MandB K.

WARNING! The ship needs love and lots of it.  We went for a weekend with the family for a different experience and it was a disappointment from the word go.  WARNING: Family rooms (2 double beds) are NOT original and lack all of the class of the burl-wood original and might as well be a Motel 6!  This along with the fact that they seem to all be at an intersection of hallways where the ice/snack machines lie and have adjoining rooms.  The walls are paper thin and we could hear all of the conversations in the hall and the adjoining room as if they were IN our room!  This along with a fire alarm in the middle of the night left us less then well rested!  The food on-board (didn't try Sir Winston's so cannot com...

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