The Southernmost Point, Key West, Florida

1300 Whitehead St, Key West, Florida 33040

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Address: 1300 Whitehead St, Key West, Florida 33040

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: James K.

Look, it might not be the exact southernmost point, and it mat be  a huge tourist draw, but I drive down to Key West every year from NJ,...

Submitted by: Stephanie G.

So you're a tourist and want to hit all the Key West spots?  Then this is definitely a must stop locale!  A giant painted buoy on what claims to be the Southernmost point (although it really isn't) of the US, it is an identifiable landmark for Key West, tantamount to what far cooler landmarks (I.E. The Eiffel Tower to Paris, the Pyamids to Egypt) are to other cities.  Tour guides claim on a clear day you can see Cuba (which is only 90 miles away), although I guess I've just never had such good eyesight to make this a possibility for me, cause after numerous visits it has yet to happen.  There's no cost to stop by, but if you want to take your picture by it you will be paying with your sweat.  The later you w...

Submitted by: Aliesha A.

Yes, this is a typical tourist hot spot so why not have your picture taken? I hadn't been down here since I was a kid, so I don't really remember it. Now, as an adult I have found my way down here and did the tourist thing. The hun and I, on our adventure came down to the end of the U.S. stood in line on...

Submitted by: Rye G.

[Note: The Google Map on the right doesn't properly mark this location. It's at the end of Whitehead at the intersection of Whitehead and South] Problem: You're a tourist in Key West and you need to find the biggest tourist attraction possible. Solution: The Southernmost Point. Be sure to bring your sunburn though, lest someone think you're a local. Like all good tourist destinations, this is quite pointless other than to say "I was here." I think it's supposed to make you feel like you've lived a full life or to make your friends and family jealous that you're more well-traveled than they are. The 8-foot tall, buoy shaped painted rock is "90 miles from Cuba," where you can get better medical care than in th...

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