The Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

400 Broad St, Seattle, Washington 98109

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Address: 400 Broad St, Seattle, Washington 98109

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Phone: 206-905-2100
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Submitted by: Fei W.

We moved to Redmond recently, and decided to go to Seattle downtown for a tour. That's the 1st place we stopped. Kids wanted to go up, and yes, tickets are expensive plus parking, but we did it anyway. Spent about an hour there. W...

Submitted by: Russell H.

A trip to the Space Needle is a must if visiting Seattle. Hopefully you have a clear day. The views are amazing and you get a great perspective of one of America's finest cities. You can also watch the water planes land and take off in the water below you. ...

Submitted by: Martina M.

The Space Needle is something I have wanted to visit ever since I was a child.  We finally made our way to it today, and it was awesome! The weather was gross and rainy, but even with the fog you could still see a lot.   I'm really afraid of heights, but unlike the Calgary Tower the Space Needle feels much more stable.  There isn't much to do at...

Submitted by: Greg C.

It had been 17-years since I last visited the Space Needle, and it didn't disappoint the second time around...the weather did. They've built a new 'welcome' section at the bottom of the tower, with the ticket windows outside, a gift shop at ground level that wraps around the entire circumferance, and a grand entrance way that's air conditioned and elegant. The elevator ride still surprises the riders because it's a floor-to-ceiling window view on the way up.  The elevator curator made some funny jokes and greeted us to the top of the tower.  Up there, there's no bad view...except for the weather. Wife and kids in tow, we made our way through the interior seating area and out onto the outdoor viewing platform...

Submitted by: romeo s.

We were here on Aug. 19th. To save money, eat at the restaurant a top the Space Needle to avoid just paying for the ride up. Regular admission $18 / adult Senior Citizen $16 / adult Child $11 / child Total: ...

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