Theater of the Sea, Islamorada, Florida

84721 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, Florida

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Submitted by: Etienne S.

I loved it. It is a little decrepit and creepy K'iche all rolled into one. Great shows. In your face animal and participation.   Felt like a Sea World meets Cruise Ship as far as scope and overall value. In other words, it feels like a Sea World, but not on 500 acres. On maybe 4. So you really feel the intimacy with the sea life. Friend...

Submitted by: Luz B.

It has been quite awhile since I've been here, but I did go once and have never forgotten the experience. I was excited to go as I'd always driven by and it intrigued me. But unfortunately, it was extremely disappointing. We entered through the gift shop and went to find a show and saw one for the sea lions that had just begun. My husband, son and I sat down in the bleachers and began watching the show. The animal trainer was talking and after about 5 - 10 minutes in the middle of her sentence she interrupted herself, looked at my family and in front of the entire audience singled us out and asked us to leave the group! She said this was a private tour and we would need to go and find one of the other shows....

Submitted by: Cam C.

Dilapidated, outdated and disappointing.  I have memories of coming here as a child and was so excited to bring my daughter for the first time.  Unfortunately for nearly $30 per person my family was completely underwhelmed.  We spend part of the year in the Keys so we embrace some retro kitch, not d...

Submitted by: Lori M.

My family and I visited Theater of the Sea this past weekend. It was a refreshing, low-key approach to marine life shows, compared to SeaWorld and other animal parks. The admission was only $26 and included several live shows, a beach lagoon to snorkel in, a ride on a bottomless boat, a nature walk, as well as additional paid swims, such as dolphins, sting rays, etc. We spent several hours here, most of it in the beach lagoon snorkeling with blue parrotfish. The sea lion show was most memorable, and my son got a kiss from one of them, which he has enjoyed talking about. I appreciated the fact that the animals are in natural lagoons, in more of their native environment than at SeaWorld or other aquariums. As ...

Submitted by: Pinky and the B.

Park admission includes dolphin show, sea lion show, guided marine life tour and a 5-minute bottomless boat ride. This is an educational and entertaining marine-animal park and shows are up-close and personal, and is the second oldest park of its kind in the world; the animals live there in natural saltwater lagoons, such as Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, sea turtles, tropical and game fish, sharks, stingrays, crocodiles, alligators, marine invertebrates and birds of prey. While some of the animals were collected and others were born at Theatre of the Sea, many cannot be released because of prolonged contact with humans and/or injuries sustained in the wild. This is hugely important duri...

Submitted by: Paul M.

Well, the kids loved it, and if your are under 13 or 14 you probably will too - if you are older, unless you love the retro stuff, it's meh. Give them credit - they have been in operation since about 1946 - and I suspect much of the show has not changed since then, so there is a cheesy ticky tacky pleasure to iit. You pay your $$ and you walk in and go through a rotating array of shows - parrot sho, dolphin show and my favourite - the sea lion show. You also get to go on a glass bottomed boat and see some lame wildlife in some lame cages - although the alligators and crocodiles and giant turtles were pretty cool. I did get to see the absolute sea lion cliche - balancing a ball on its nose - and to see that u...


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