Theo Chocolate Factory, Seattle, Washington

400 Phinney Ave, Seattle, Washington 98103

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This is a working factory with loud, hot machines that may disturb smaller children.

Address: 400 Phinney Ave, Seattle, Washington 98103

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Phone: 206-632-5100
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 6 pm
Price: $6 per person

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Submitted by: Jason D.

Like: - Lots of free chocolate. There must have been at least at 20 different types available to sample while I was there. They're just set out on on tables and you're free to wander around and eat chocolate as you please. - Lots of delicious chocolate. I was already fan of Theo chocolate and when a family member mentioned they were based out of Seattle I knew I had to visit. I'm a big fan of their dark chocolate and appreciate the variety of bars they offer. - The selection. I assume everything they offer is available here and the selection is much larger than what I find in the markets around home (in the SF Bay Area). They've also got an impressive selection of truffles available. Don't like: - That I don...

Submitted by: David F.

My wife and youngest daughter insisted we go.  How much fun can a chocolate tour be, I thought.  Well I was pleasantly surprised.  The tour was 1 hour, very informative, and really helped us appreciate the excellent qualities of Theo Chocolate (organic, fair trade, high quality).  Our guide was perfect and the samples through the tour real...

Submitted by: heather j.

This place is so great. They offer tours for only 6$, defintely an interesting way to spend a few hours, beware they fill up fast. But even if you dont make the tour just stop by the store there are so many different kinds of chocolate to sample. I love all the vegan varities. My new favorite is the dark salted almond. I also enjoy the orange and the mint and I dont even like chocolate all that much. If you are an addict beware there is no limit to how much you can sample, it can quickly get away from you. This is a must stop on any visit to fremont and a great place to bring visiting friends and family. Sure the chocolate is a little expensive, but thats because its high quality. I hope to take a class here...

Submitted by: Shannon R.

People come from all over the world to tour this place, and with good reason! Theo's factory is the first in the nation to serve organic and fair trade chocolates. Not only that, but Theo's chocolates are minimally processed in order to keep all the antioxidant and good feeling levels high- unlike some other name brand chocolates that I need not mention. At $6/person, the tours are an educational, entertaining & tasty experience. The cocoa beans are flown in from tropical rainforests, but most of the other ingredients are sourced locally. Ingredients like lavender, rose, ginger, hazelnuts, figs and fennel. My favorites are bread and chocolate (dark) and the omg! ginger rose caramel. I think the omg! is part ...

Submitted by: Ju L.

I stopped by Theo for a tour of the factory last weekend.  The shop itself is definitely worth a visit.  Tables liter the room, cluttered with Theo products, including mounds upon mounds of free samples.  After checking in for the tour I was asked NOT to sample any chocolate until after the tour, so I wouldn't impact the tasting experience.  Man, that was a tall order, but I managed to be patient.  The people working the shop are amazingly knowledgeable about the chocolate-making process, where the ingredients come from, and are happy to share it with you if you ask.  I asked if they carried baking cocoa powder, and rather than just saying no, he actually told me about the machinery needed for the process to...

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