Union Square, San Francisco, California

Geary St at Stockton St, San Francisco, California 94108

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Address: Geary St at Stockton St, San Francisco, California 94108

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URL: http://www.unionsquareshop.com/
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The heart of San Francisco

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Being in the hub of the city, Union Square is an ideal place to stay in a hotel. Choose a hotel near the cable car turnaround to make public transportation easily accessible.

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Submitted by: Katherine F.

Mostly unnoticed in my regular SF shopping trips...but when she is all decked out for Christmas and Hanukkah....she is quite a sight!! We braved the crowds so the DGD's could see the lights. I was a bit overwhelmed by how hard it was to simply walk down the street....and there was a disgusting woman smoking...

Submitted by: Chris M.

I love Union Sq, there is always something going on! In my time here I have - Gazing at the beautiful Christmas tree - Watched a small children ice dancing competition - Witnessed a middle aged Ro...

Submitted by: Sheila M.

Located in the heart of downtown SF.  A great place to chill and people watch when weather permits.  My favorite time to go here with my family ...

Submitted by: Jordan P.

When my folks lived here in the 1970's Union Square was the meeting point for friends and family before going off on City ...

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