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United Nations, New York City, New York

1st Ave at 46 St, New York City, New York

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Submitted by: Very V.

Again... this place is pretty awesome. I went years and years ago.. but I had to say I loved it. The window design by Chagall as someone mentioned is really awesome and did captivate me...even as a kid. Also, when we went... drum roll... I actually got to meet Kofi Annan... so that was pretty awesome and something ...

Submitted by: Tom D.

No, I am not a fan of the UN. It's a noble concept, but lumping together every single government together (the corrupt, the backward, the human rights violators, the theologicals, the hyper capitalist, the ultra-militaristic) and asking them to work together and form a consensus is ridiculous. It's everything bad about government itself on steroids. The humanitarian effort seems to only help prop up corrupt governments and keep the poor and uneducated... poor and uneducated. Sure, I've seen starving children being fed in backwards countries. The downside of that is it erases some of the Darwinism that probably needs to happen. Oh, and I like how Ahmadinejad (the leader of Iran) is speaking on Nuclear Nonprol...

Submitted by: Erica S.

It was my husband's idea to take a tour of the place, but I think this is a good place for tourists to check out.  Our tour guide was helpful in explaining all the details as we walked around the different rooms.  We got to use headsets to listen to the guide, which was really helpful especially when there were multiple tours going on.  ...

Submitted by: Walker S.

Our tour today was a real eye opener. Our guide took us thought the mission and roles while moving the group along the various rooms and facilities. The exhibit I liked most was about how the UN helps whip out malaria. One of my causes is Nothing But...

Submitted by: saobi s.

The United Nations Headquarters is a good architecture, and it has a good international atmosphere. My parents and I visited this place yesterday, and there are many many similar international tourists. I was very pleased to see many sections and booths devoted to China, and one of the 5 working languages of the UN is Chinese. This is a reflection of the status and influence of China on the International stage. When new China was first founded in 1949, it was considered a "Sick Man of the East" and was not even an independent country; my own city is divided into 4 different concessions, which are zones in the city in which Chinese citizens are not allowed to enter and only reserved for foreign businesmen and...

Submitted by: David S.

My visit to the United Nations was both inspiring and depressing. I've admired the UN for years: finally one organization dedicated to improving the quality of the world we live in that does not respond to lobbying and corporations (or so I like to believe). Its missions are commendable in many ways: preserve peace, fight poverty and diseases, protect the rights of women and children, preserve the environment... all great causes that national governments often neglect to the benefit of their military budgets. This, and the fact the UN's means are limited in a lot of ways, is quite saddening, but one can only hope that things will change. The UN building in East Midtown is impressive. My friend and I went on ...


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