Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, Florida

3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, Florida 33129

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Address: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, Florida 33129

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Phone: 305-250-9133
Hours: Mon 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Wed-Sun 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. More Info
Price: Adults (13-61): $15; Children (6-12): $6; Children under 6: Free; Seniors (62+) & Students: $10 More Info

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Submitted by: Sam S.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a beautiful surprise located in Miami, Florida. Modern 20th century American meets European arts and cultures in this home and estate modeled after the aristocratic estates of old European families. The Italian Renaissance-style villa and gardens were in a word remarkable and incredibly very interesting and well decorated. The European art and antique furniture throughout the villa includes some amazing works and the architecture of the home itself is grandiose and inspiring. Visiting Vizcaya you do have to wonder about the pretentiousness of James Deering who built the estate in the early 20th century, but I guess when you're rich you can do whatever you like and don't have to ...

Submitted by: Lynne D.

During the summer months, Vizcaya opens it's doors for free, one Sunday a month. Take advantage of free days with the family. Go see a real American castle right in Miami.. This is one...

Submitted by: Thais A.

This is an incredible mansion with so much history. Great place for pictures and scenery. Absolutely beautiful! It's huge, so be ready to walk. Definitely an experience, everyone who's...

Submitted by: Ranel C.

One complaint my wife and I have of Miami is the general lack of interesting places to see beautiful art and architecture.  Vizcaya is definitely a gem in this city.  I hadn't been since I was a kid, so it felt like an all new experience.  My wife had never been.  As an interior design student, it was obviously an unbelievable...

Submitted by: Maria-Cristina N.

I really loved strolling through the gardens with my boyfriend (although I was melting in the sweltering heat!). Several parts of the garden were roped off in the middle of restoration, there was still plenty to see and it was nice to sit quietly on a bench and take it all in. This is a great spot for photo opportunities and people know it - we spotted a handful of people having their quinceanera and wedding portraits taken. But even on a Saturday, it wasn't terribly busy so I still managed to get unobstructed shots of the garden with my own camera. It was interesting reading about Deering and how he fashioned each room to represent a certain theme, time period or person in history. It's not drop dead elabor...

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