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Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

2777 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

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Cute, but rather small

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Tips for Families

The aquarium is a short walk/drive to the Honolulu zoo. Since the aquarium is rather small, if your little ones are up to it, you can pick up some lunch after the aquarium and head into the zoo. That should be enough in a days fun to tire out the little kiddies!

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Submitted by: Arlo B.

Small but fun.  Easy walk along the beach and park near the zoo in Waikiki.   Pleasant staff.  Exhibits are cute and fun f...

Submitted by: Joanna D.

I want to give Waikiki Aquarium three stars, but it is  R E A L L Y,  R E A L L Y  small so I'm only giving it two.   My 15 month old son and I went there on a Thursday morning and within 30 minutes was able to walk through the entire property.  Sleeping seal(s) - boring... jelly fish tank - wow, I guess, but not really... Seemed like he wasn't really interested in the exhibits and I don't blame him since there's not much variety in creatures.  I'll admit he enjoyed running around the open grass area and I like that it's right next to the beach, so there's this cool breeze, but not sure it's even worth paying the kamaina rate of $6 per visit.  I certainly wouldn't pay the $150 annual membership fee. Perhaps ...

Submitted by: Joraine G.

Reading the Yelp reviews, I heard this place was small, but I didn't expect it to be THAT small. The main attraction was the sea lion who didn't do much and I liked the jellyfish tank also. They REALLY need to expand. It's not expensive so I guess it's one of those "go here once in your life so you can say you did" type of places but once you're in, there isn't really much to do. My son loves aquariums so he enjoyed all the tanks but compared to other aquariums I've been to, you can walk around the entire Waikiki Aqu, in 15 minutes, but take your time and breathe in everything it has to offer and you can last about an hour or two, but like I said, it's REEEEEALLLLY small so if you don't like aquariums to beg...

Submitted by: Shannon F.

Very intriguing just passed da beach and kapiolani park and for $6 for kamaaina rate. They give you a remote dats like a tour guide with a brief history...

Submitted by: Son N.

Good for first time kids like our toddlers 3-4. Small...

Submitted by: twinkle s.

This is my favorite place to visit with my kids.  We have had an annual pass for 7 years... And stop in at least once a month.  The tanks are always clean, the fish look healthy... It's a w...

Submitted by: Annie K.

Nemo waved at me and said Hi.  Awww..... The Waikiki Aquarium is located right across from Kapiolani Park and next to the beach.  It's the perfect location with the Honolulu Zoo as their neighbor.  Parking could be difficult to find since you're fighting with the surfers and the weekend beach residents.  My daughter loves it here.  She gets to visit N...

Submitted by: Chris Z.

I found NEMO!   The search is now over.  A nice little aquarium right next to the beach.  This is an extremely affordable excursion for the family.  Based on your pace, this could be a few hour outing.  The displays aren't...

Submitted by: Cindy L.

My niece was four when she first visited the aquarium.  She enjoys running around the different tanks and using the audio system.  Every tank is labeled with a number and corres...


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