Waikiki Beach, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

2552 Kalakaua Ave (behind the Waikiki Beach Marriott), Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii 96815

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Make sure your kids are careful to avoid the coral reef; it's easy to cut your feet on the sharp rock.

Address: 2552 Kalakaua Ave (behind the Waikiki Beach Marriott), Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii 96815

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Over rated and crowded but must see... it's Waikki!

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Tips for Families

*Get there early to claim your spot! *Check it out at night too for an interesting side of Hawaii!

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Submitted by: Kevin A.

This is where dreams happen ... laying on the beach, sippin on your pina colada with the paper umbrella ... Cant get any better right? well check this out ... EVERY FRIDAY FIREWORKS AS THE SUN SETS!!! COOL RIGHT??? And whats even more amazing, is ... This beach doesnt have all these rocks and sharp stuff as you step into the...

Submitted by: Dean H.

Waikiki beach, I used to think, WAY too crowded, hard to find parking, where are you going to sit, so irratating that there is so many tourist there, no bathrooms, far walk, junky water, but I was really really really wrong.  I just went with my brother and his children and we had a BLAST! First of all, finding parking can be a little bit of a challenge but if you want to pay a little for a shorter walk it is AOK.   Second, there are bathrooms, yes they were busy bathrooms with a crazy vagrant standing in the front of it for about 5 minutes yelling his head off.  BUT it was a clean bathroom nonetheless.  Yes, the showers near the bathrooms near the wall was plugged but oh well, that is most of the public sho...

Submitted by: Rowena T.

Of course this beach is the busiest of all since it is the resort area. It is gorgeous, but if you do not have kids then this beach is not for you. What I do love is the beach walk, since it was my first time in Oahu, I feel most comfortable around all the tourists ...

Submitted by: Jennifer A.

You can't really complain about any beach in Hawaii.  All are equally gorgeous in their own way. Waikiki has a lovely view of Diamond Head, is a super close to most of the hotels, and has a great childre...

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