Wailea Beach, Wailea, Hawaii

3700 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, Hawaii 96753

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Parking is sometimes hard to find.

Address: 3700 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, Hawaii 96753

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: John L.

This is one of 4 major Wailea beaches.  Wailea is definitely an upscale part of Maui, and the beach goers definitely show it.  There are numerous amenities for rent on the beach, but pricey.  There is a small cafe that sells ice cream and Starbucks coffee on the north edge of the beach. This beach was...

Submitted by: Kent T.

Picturesque Wailea Beach in South Maui with its soft sand and central location is one of our favorite beaches in all of Hawaii!  This beach fronts the Grand Wailea Resort and is a very long, wide, golden sand beach!  For parents, this beach has almost everything that you could desire.  Convenient parking, bathroom facilities, showers, picnic tables, and rental gear (for umbrellas, beach chairs, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkel gear) are all there.  It has a trampoline in the water for kids and has plenty of food options either through the resort or at the nearby Shops at Wailea.  The water here is usually very calm and perfect for the little ones.  In the winter though it can have some rough surf ...

Submitted by: Celine M.

I did not give Wailea, my  favorite beach, 5  stars because of the crowds during the Holidays & summer months.  I know this beach more than any on the island of Maui. During the Holidays, Wailea beach is crowded w/ beach chairs, umbrellas, & most unfortunate is the litter at the end of the day! ( I find myself picking up after others because this beach is home to me!! I have to say how shocking the many cigarette butts & drink cups & etc. that are  left behind during the busy tourist season !) My family loves this beach for the perfect swimming, snorkeling, and wave catching! During the winter months the waves are perfect for body surfing. I prefer to swim the length of the beach which is quite safe w/ rarel...

Submitted by: Betty D.

Amazing beach! My favorite on that side of the island. Just a few steps down from the Four Seasons where we were staying at. As soon we walked down towards the beach, a Four Seasons worker greeted us with towels, asked for our last names and led us to chairs with umbrellas. They even come and cover the chairs with chair covers for us. Amazing. ...

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