Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour, Burbank, California

3400 Riverside Dr, Burbank, California 91505

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Address: 3400 Riverside Dr, Burbank, California 91505

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Phone: 818-972–8687
URL: http://www.wbstudiotour.com
Hours: Tours available Mon-Fri 9am-3pm
Price: 49

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Submitted by: shikha d.

Not that great unless you are a movie buff and cra...

Submitted by: shikha d.

Not that great unless you are a movie buff and cra...

Submitted by: Rob R.

Major bore-fest.  I spent 98 dollars for my kid and i to be tortured for 2 hours. I could not get off this Golf cart tour fast enough. Was competing with some French family ( two teenage daughters and Mom) for my seat the whole time too after the tour guide told us it was ok to change seats on the cart when we stopped. I happened to like my seat behind the tour guide. It was a race back to the cart every time after we were dropped off. Eventually the mom insisted and I made space for her to sit in the middle between my kid and myself on the golf cart. Her daughters were laughing so hard in the seat behind us that one proceeded to choke from laughing......punch drunk, good old fun and best of the WB tour for ...

Submitted by: Bella S.

I am a soccer mom.  Last Thursday I had 3 nine-year olds to entertain for the day and I wanted to do something unique and educational, not the usual movies and pizza. I discovered the WB VIP tour the night before and decided that it would be exactly the thing I wanted to do with the boys. Overall, the effect it had on the kids is positive, entertaining, and educational. The huge plus is that it was available for the same day reservation to accommodate a group of 4. On the down side is that they don't have the kids or student ticket price. So, $52 for a child's ticket is a bit too much providing it is not an entire day entertainment, but 3 hours. On the positive side, the kids were really involved, the guide ...

Submitted by: John B.

I really enjoyed the WB VIP Tour. Unlike the Universal Studios Tour, you actually get the feel of actually getting a behind the scenes look at your favorite movies and TV shows.   The tour is about 2 and a half hours long and group sizes are actually relatively small (about 15).  You really get to know your tour guide.  He or she is easily accessible for questions.  Ours (Scott) asked what our favorite shows were and tailored the tour to those interests.  Two high school girls were madly in love with Ellen and he went out of his way to give us Ellen trivia.   The best part was that we got to sit on the actual Friends TV show Central Perk couch.  We actually got to go into the prop warehouse (HUGE!!!!).  I lo...

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