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Washington National Cathedral, Washington, District of Columbia

3101 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, District of Columbia

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Submitted by: Dea J.

Oh. My. Goodness. I have never seen a more beautiful church or felt more at peace. This coming from a non-religious person. We actually found this place while just driving around and I kid you not, we just followed the lights to check out what it was. We didn't know it was a church at first until we parked and went inside. I think I actually gasped out loud. When you walk in there's a place for voluntary contributions. Pictures are allowed, though I mostly kept my flash off, just in case. I began to notice and feel some familiarity inside the church and knew it was of Episcopal faith. Everyone else I was with thought Catholic. (I love being right). I grew up in the Episcopal church with my grandfather as the...

Submitted by: Erin W.

A truly beautiful DC destination I would suggest to anyone who either lives in DC or is visiting and is looking for a Sunday morning service. The service itself seems fairly tradi...

Submitted by: Katie P.

I have lived in the area for nearly 4 years, and I had never gone to the cathedral.  I decided it was a great activity to do when my family was in town, so we could all act like tourists. Wow, I was blown away!  You don't have to be religious or a church attendee to appreciate the architecture and beauty of this building.  In addition to seeing the typical cathedral-type stylings, there is an area walking you through the history and how the cathedral was built (I had no idea it was finished so recently, I thought it was crazy old), plus the view from the top is fantastic!  A lot of people don't realize you can take the elevator to the observation deck (free!) and it's absolutely worth it. Do yourself a favor...

Submitted by: Craig H.

Visited here with my son and about 75 Boy Scouts on our way to the Boy Scout National Jamboree. We had an excellent tour from one of there volunteers who spent several hours with us pointing out crypts, the...

Submitted by: lauren B.

People always harp how new National Cathedral feels, To me it feels just has old has any of the other cathedrals or the basilica in Ashville, NC. For the most part non are that old and none feel that old. I have never been to Europe So I cant compare on that. I like going round the gardens at national cathedral, and looking at the windows. I have two places I like in the building the Children Chapel, everything there is tiny! Soooo Cute. The other chapel I like is the good shepherd chapel, its tiny and basically a nook in a hall. I found it when some one was having a funeral for their still born baby; while its a sad space its also a overlooked place and thus is one of the many resins I like it. I see some p...

Submitted by: Megan H.

The Washington National Cathedral is a hiden gem and a must see!  The grounds are so beautiful and walking into the Cathedral itself is just stunning!  We got there during their extended hours, so only the Cathedral floor was open for us to wander around in.  The crypt and bell tower was closed.  Still, we spent almost 3 hours wandering around taking pictures in there.   On the surface, the cathedral looks as grand as any other cathedral you've been in.  But be sure to take a tour or ask any one of the friendly volunteers to guide you around, and you'll find out so many interesting little quirky things about the cathedral that you otherwise would have walked on by!  Almost everyone knows about the moon rock ...

Submitted by: Cindi C.

This is my favorite place in DC. I have even come by and spent time in quiet reflection after 1am. It is such a beautiful place and I take all my friends and family members here when visiting. I adore the Bishop's Garden all year ...


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