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Whalehead Club, Corolla, North Carolina

1112 Village Ln, Corolla, North Carolina

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Submitted by: Kelly K.

We thought about touring this place, but we had our young son in tow, and the guide said a tour would be 45 minutes long. We had to pass. BUT- the place looks awesom...

Submitted by: Corey B.

When I first started staying in Corolla in the late 80's, the Whalehead Club was in a sad state.  It was falling apart and it made me sad - even as a kid - that this gorgeous stately home was falling to ruin.  My Dad and I went adventuring a bit in the area and we were warned by a local that there was a cottonmouth infestation inside the home and it's safer to look at it from a distance.  Now it may have been something to keep us out (we weren't intending to go inside, just walking the grounds) but it made me even more sad to know how bad of a state it really was in. Fast forward a few years and they restored this home to its glory and I couldn't be more thrilled.  It's such a glorious home and I'm glad that...


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