Whalers Village Museum, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

2435 Ka'anapali Pkwy, Bldg H-6, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

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Submitted by: Moto M.

The museum is on the 3rd floor of the mall. You really can't see it from ground level. Me, my wife and son had time to kill before dinner, so we strolled in to check it out. I was completely blown away! I don't visit museums often. I wasn't expecting much to tell you the truth, but I never thought this tiny museum could pack so much punch. There's lots to see and read. It's very educational. The information is very real it hits you hard. There is a wall full of harpoons. Each one with a different spearhead design. Each one with a unique history and purpose. You see photos of men carrying these harpoons standing by giant whales. You read about the dangers of whaling and the brutal work environment. It makes c...

Submitted by: Karen F.

A mall museum - right in the heart of Lahaina Town - where you can learn a bit about whaling and Hawaaian History.  Worth a look -especailly for tourists. It is so sad that so many w...

Submitted by: Al B.

Well, as a museum about whaling, it's pretty interesting. I'm not that interesting in the subject of whaling or whaling history, but we just came by because we were in the area. It's in a busy shopping/resort area with many tourists. If...


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