White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

8300 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, Texas 75238

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There are hiking and biking trails, bird-watching areas, picnic areas and fishing piers.

Address: 8300 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, Texas 75238

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Phone: 214-670-8740
URL: http://www.dallasparks.org/parks/whiterock.aspx
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: c s.

my lake, my lake. i love my lake. as long as i'm in dallas i'll never be able to leave her. i know she's dirty, but so is my city. the ol' man and i canoe out here as much as possible. if you venture into the creeks and have a soul, it's pretty imperative to take a trash bag with you.. especially after a hard rain washes all the filth from northwest highway down. that being said.. it's a man made oasis. it's december and the pelicans have migrated in. they fly in like B25's in formation the last few weeks of november to mid december. they're giant creatures! the water fowl selection is great.. but i've seen plenty of owls and hawks. we've also seen a family of racoons washing their meals at the side of the c...

Submitted by: James V.

Another City of Dallas creation, but somehow the clientel knows to pick up their own trash, for the most part. Nothing beats this bike trail, which ends up at I-635 & Forest if you know how to do it. About a 35 mile ride & very nice! Don't be stupid and try to come through here with your car unless you're willing to drive under 10 M.P.H. !!! I came here today with the kid and trust me, I was kicking myself the whole way! Spent more time in the car than the playground! My bad!!! Bikes have right of way here. I've come 100 + times but this was my first time in a car and it was SO stupid!! People fish in this lake, but the only thing this lake is good for is to pee in it! I would never eat or touch anything tha...

Submitted by: Jose B.

I love White Rock Lake!!! It's a nice place to go for a jog or ride your bike.  You can also have a picnic just ...

Submitted by: Diane H.

One of my favorite parts of Dallas.  I moved to Dallas for work from the east coast and would go to White Rock Lake whenever I was missing water..it is no ocean, but it helped ease the craving.  I really loved walking around the lake....

Submitted by: lauren b.

I had SO MUCH FUN kayaking at White Rock Lake today!! we rented a tandem kayak from WHITE ROCK PADDLE CO. They were very nice and helpful and where they are located you can either kayak/canoe down a channel or head to the large part of the lake. we chose the ch...

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