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Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas

3801 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas

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Educational fun at the Witte Museum

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Check out the exhibit Dinosaurs: Vanished Texans.

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Submitted by: Laura W.

There were many and varied things to learn about at the Witte Museum. The kiddos loved the hands on science-themed five level HEB Treehouse (electricity creation, water play, instruments, etc), the dinosaur skeleton, the fossils, checking out the Native American artifacts, REALLY liked the mummy and skeleton in burial hole, and enjoyed checking out the pioneer home and utility shed. We had the most fun in the Amazon exhibit (their temporary exhibit at the time of this review, there through Sept 2011, an extra $3/person).   There is a tank of piranhas with a video of them being fed to watch (we were told a zookeeper comes to feed them without notice, usually close to closing time). There are various touch-and...

Submitted by: Ivanna H.

Wow... I'm not even sure what to say. There was nothing spectacular about this museum, and I'm not sure I found anything mildly educational. Even my seven year old nephew was disappointed (my major determining factor in giving 2 stars). We paid the extra $3 for him to see the Amazon Voyage exhibit and he didn't really enjoy it. It'd be nice if they renovated or had more interactive exhibits. The treehouse outside is nice, but it fills up quickly and I haven't seen many patient kids willing to wait in line. They offer free admission on Tuesdays after 3:00 so check it out then if you must, that way if you don't enjoy it then you don't feel ripped off. During that time parking can be difficult to find so show u...

Submitted by: joy b.

Such a Kill Joy...for adults NO...I mean its great for kids....but to a certain age, I think for the cost to get in it should provide more. It should be more of a Children's Museum to which there is one downtown and I will say this one is way better then the one downtown. Noted as the Premiere Museum I would say its weee bit more optimistic. But That Tree house.. I give it a three because if I give it a two then that means I lied in not enjoying the Tree House.... I LOVE the Tree House, if they had a seperate entrance just for the Tree House well this review would be at a 4 but because its NOOOOOOOOOOT...Its a three. Though..I will say I had my son's Seventh Suprise Birthday Party (four years ago)  here and ...

Submitted by: Andi D.

Went for the dinosaur exhibit and stayed for some of the other historic exhibits... its a nice little museum! We went with friends and co-workers.. one who was afraid of the animatronic dinosaurs.. so that alone was hilarious... but it was a great exhibit... nicely done and the kids seemed to love it! Our hous...

Submitted by: Colette E.

We love the Witte and have the family membership pass.  The new Amazon exhibit on display is great!  Even if you are members, it's $3 per person, but no big deal - it was ...

Submitted by: Roberto F.

I'm conflicted with this review. On one hand I want to give a two for the lack of  information and updated displays. On the other hand I want to give it a 3-4, mainly because I feel that kids would really love this museum. Especially the H-E-B Tree house. I decided to split the difference. I must say that if you do have kids, I would definitely bring them here. The information here isn't overwhelming and can easily provide entertainment for them. If you don't have kids and you went to the Witte as a kid, I guarantee you that you won't be missing out on anything. I swear that over half of museum's dioramas were there when I was a kid. For adults it really doesn't provide that "awe" experience that other museu...

Submitted by: Lisa K.

I grew up going to this museum with my grandmother. This weekend was my first trip in about 20 years. It was definitely different, but it was enjoyable. We saw the  insects...

Submitted by: Jose P.

As kid, I loved the Museum with the sights ancient artifacts and displays.  The Witte broiught this back to me and turbo charged it.  There is the typical old Texas lifestyle displays, information on Tex/Mex culture, early San Antonio, and everything that you would expect to find.   What I was impressed with was the level of interaction for the kids.  The HEB Treehouse (included in the price) is an afternoon of fun.  It is a cross between Mr. Wizard's Laboratory, Bill Nye's basement, and Chuck E Cheese.   The kid displays were really cool and well suited for their ages (and even mine).   The treehouse over looks a portion of the San Antonio River which was really nice. There is a lot of activities for young ...

Submitted by: Shawn M.

For the uninitiated, the Witte is (according to their website), "San Antonio's premiere museum of South Texas history, culture, and natural science".  Located between Broadway and the river in Brackenridge Park, the museum is comprised of several structures, and houses an interesting permanent collection. My first trip to the Witte was yesterday, taking advantage of the current "free Tuesdays from 3-8" special.  I had a blast! Beginning at the farthest point - the Treehouse - I worked my way forward. toward the front of the museum.  (Just next to the Treehouse, incidentally, is the most marvelous, ornate gate I've ever seen.  It's metal, with serpents, frogs, lizards and the name "Frost Bros." worked into th...


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