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WonderWorks, Orlando, Florida

9067 International Dr, Orlando, Florida

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Submitted by: Jill F.

I can't believe this place only has 3 stars!! I've been here 3 times in my life, once as a kid and 2 times as an adult. It is soooooooooooo much fun. Basically, it takes a regular boring museum and makes it hands on and fun. Theres so much...

Submitted by: Daniel K.

Fun place. Bunch of interesting, interactive exhibits. We also did the rope course, which was freaky (in a good way), as we're afraid of heights. Laser tag was fun...

Submitted by: Heather H.

Not worth the price of admission and we got in basically free, only paid for one child ticket with $2 off coupon cost, with tax $19.14. I live here so w...

Submitted by: Mensa M.

AH-mazing! Even for kids at heart like me & my friend! Wear shorts & sneaks & buy the ticket that includes not only a 4-D movie but the ropes course! Y...

Submitted by: Christopher O.

Wonder Works is located on I-Drive... a main reason for never going since it is in the middle of so many tourist traps and us locals here in Orlando avoid I-drive if at all possible.   I would have never gone here on my own but my company decided to 'treat' us to an evening here as a team building adventure so keep in mind that I did not have to pay for any of this. I met our group at the door and we were taken in to see "The Outa Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show".  I was not sure what I was going to see but I was with my coworkers and thought it would be a cheesy evening after reading many of the other reviews.  They sat us at long tables and the servers came around and took our drink orders.  They give you...

Submitted by: Yin Yan L.

We just went today with our 6-year old son on a Sunday.  It wasn't too crowded, which was great since many of the exhibits were mainly for single users.  Highlights were the roller coaster simulator where you go upside down, the 4-D theater where you pretend you're in a mine shaft, and the ropes course.  Som...

Submitted by: Michelle C.

I so kicked Tom Hank's ass. At the huge foot piano I mean. This is what a science museum should be. 100% hands on. 90% cool and fun and only 10% explanation. Explain enough so you have an understanding of how it works, but still leave them wanting to know...

Submitted by: Mark M.

I see a lot of low star reviews for WonderWorks. Try this. Go with a toddler, start by letting her dip her hands in the freezing waters in the Titanic exhibit. Then rush over to the wind tunnel and dry her off with hurricane force winds! Oh, they get over it once they see the bubble making station. And if not by then there is always the piano floor ala "Big" that will cheer anyone up. Be aware that things may go downhill again when you reach the psychedelic virtual reality dance room where Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" seems to be on an endless loop. At first I was leary with the $25 admission price.  But we spent 2 hours or so playing and would have stayed longer if Joey was old enough to ...

Submitted by: Chantelle A.

After much convincing, my parents and I entered Wonderworks on a rainy day in Orlando. I mean....they love playing Wii so why not try something new. The exhibits were pretty cool and as long as my parents enjoyed themselves, I was happy. The most entertaining part was watching my 52 year old parents suit up and get ready to play Laser Tag for the first  Watching my mom run and duck with her purse and laughing at my dad catch his breath while I continued to shoot him...was priceless! Once we finally finished Lasertag and my parents caught their breath, we played some arcade games and gave all of our winnings to a lil kid. My good deed for the year! Would I visit again? Why not...what else i...


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