Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington

601 N 59th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

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Address: 601 N 59th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

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Phone: 206-548-2500
URL: http://www.zoo.org
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Seattle, Washington

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On rainy days, "Zoomazium" is a safe bet.

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Submitted by: Silvia H.

Today was the first time I ever visited the zoo, even though I've lived in the area since 1999. Have I been missing out! I absolutely loved it and so did the family. I only set aside 2 hours to visit and I wish I'd set aside 4 or 6 because we had...

Submitted by: Natalie L.

Love the Woodland Park Zoo! I have gone to so many field trips and family outings here and I also went here for an anniversary a year ago. The best time to go is on a cloudy day, that's when all the animals come out and there's also less people, which is probably why the anim...

Submitted by: Sunshine M.

This zoo is heart-grabbingly wonderful.  It was designed with animal's in mind.  The exhibits mimic the animal's natural habitat's, thus they are a lot more active than in other animal parks we have been to. I would not mind if my group just left me with the Penguins as I could gladly watch their antics all day.  Still, there are so many amazing animals to see...from Tapirs to Tigers to Falcons. You can even help to feed some animals (like the Penguins!) and chat with keepers. The grounds are beautiful also.  My husband is not someone who would normally pay attention to landscaping, but he was blown away by the quality of paths and gardens.  A very uplifting, interactive place to spend the day, just make sur...

Submitted by: Patrick D.

Full of variety, I've never been disappointed when I've gone through here. To anyone who complains about the children? I'm not sure what to say, but get ...

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