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World Forestry Center Discovery Museum, Portland, Oregon

4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, Oregon

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Submitted by: Natalie S.

I know we aren't the target age group for this museum (late 20's), but my husband and I had a really good time wandering around and looking at the different exhibits. If you'll let your mind wander a little bit you'll find lots of things to spark your own thinking. For instance, is clear-cutting always bad? If the whole tree is used (down to the sawdust) how does this compare to the energy it takes to build a home with rammed earth or recycled plastic materials? Where exactly is the intersection between sustainable and profitable? One thing I really enjoyed is that they didn't try to over simplify the questions. For instance, when talking about world forests they didn't vilify indigenous people for using sla...

Submitted by: Laila P.

I was not impressed... I guess maybe because I'm not a kid and a small fake forest doesn't delight me nearly as much as the real forest jus...

Submitted by: John H.

great place for the whole fa...

Submitted by: Kenneth H.

The world forestry center is pretty awesome for what it is.   A small, modern museum dedicated to everything forest that sits next to the Zoo and the children's museum may be the hidden gem of the bunch.  There are 2 floors full of hands on interactive displays that are both educational and recreational.  I really like the way they present the material from an environmental stewardship standpoint but also making sure to acknowledge the need for a smart modern timber industry.  The history of Oregon is certainly tied to trees, and for better or worse still is.  My one gripe with the information presented is that all of the exhibits get kind of repetitive with most of them teaching the same lesson and showing ...

Submitted by: Michelle H.

The World Forestry Center is like OMSI but you know, about wood and related forestry goodies. In all my years growing up right across the river, we never went there in school. OMSI? Yes. The zoo? Yes. Why never the WFC? Great question. I don't think I've ever been to the Children's Museum, either. They always have the same ol' standby exhibits. Each one is geared toward the kiddos (or kids at heart) and tries to be as engaging and interactive as possible. Why yes, I'd love to play on a xylophone! Why read about the types of critters living in trees when you can operate a camera and search through the tree yourself? Why watch a video on cutting trees when you can hop in the cab of a tree saw and simulate cutt...

Submitted by: Andrew C.

If you're going to visit The World Forestry Center, make sure you're in the mood to learn something because the wonder of just being in a museum geared toward children really wears off after childhood. That lingering thought was pretty depressing as I walked around trying to get super excited about planting things in different kinds of soils. (1) Lucky for the unimaginative shells of adults we've become, this museum hosts drinking events. Yay! During normal business hours, though, this is definitely a family spot. "Good for Kids?" better have all the votes in the world. Good for adults? Well.... It's not too bad when walking around with beer and wine samples in your hand, I'll give them that. Got kids? This ...

Submitted by: Barbara D.

We went to see the Wolf to Woof exhibit here today. Although I felt a bit like a kid in 2nd grade going through the exhibit, I did learn a few things. For one, they had a comparison of what a dog smells compared to a air vent that blows out the smell of a week old bacon standwich. And a visual of what a wolf would see (I think they p...

Submitted by: Wendy C.

I want to live inside the World Forestry Center! I want a gigantic Twin Peaks-style log chalet of a home, complete with open atrium with trees growing up the middle and a rocky patio with waterfalls. I would sleep in the mock underground burrows with my stuffed animal friends and play smokejumper and river-rafter to keep myself amused through the long winter months.... I always thought the idea of a Museum about Forests to be a bit lame - if you're into forests and stuff like that, shouldn't you be OUTside enjoying and learning about them? However, the World Forestry Center is just a gorgeous building, and a great UNCROWDED place to explore forest-y things with your small child. For about one to possibly 1.5...

Submitted by: Rinky N.

Definitely a great place for families with children 12 and under.  Not as thrilling for a family with a teen.  The interactive exhibits were fun--we mostly enjoyed watching the families with young...


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