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Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois

3600 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, Illinois

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Aurora, Illinois

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A Historic Baseball Field That's Never Short on Fun

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Tips for Families

Plan ahead! Wrigley, like any field, can get busy and loud. If you're with little ones, make sure that you know the best way to get to snacks, bathrooms, and how to handle people standing up to enthusiastically root for their team. It's also probably a great idea to bring a backpack instead of a diaper bag if you have really small kids or just want to bring snacks or unopened water so that you don't have to struggle to find a place under a seat or on the bleachers to store things.

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Submitted by: Angela U.

I love wrigley field. It is great to have an original ballpark to see a baseball game at! Recently I visited during the winter to see the new christmas tree and check o...

Submitted by: Jess I.

This is my home. I cannot express the feeling of joy I get sitting even in the nosebleed section of this ballpark. Every time I come here I can't wipe the smile off of my face. I don't know if it is the history of the park, the social connection all we Cub fans have, or the beauty of the ivy walls. Wait. It's all of it. The overwhelming feeling of excitement takes over when I see the team I grew up falling in love with are playing on the field. This is why people love the Cubs. It's not because we win all the time and have 20 championships under our belts (because we clearly don't),  but if we did, it wouldn't be the reason. This is a team that brings the people of the city together to share a wonderful time...

Submitted by: beth i.

Visiting this bit of history is amazing! The architecture is fabulous and the bleachers on top of the buildings across the street are so awesome to see! Watching a Cubs game in Wrigley is as good as it gets. I even got lucky and saw the Cubbies win! Hahah. The El was nuts getting to and from the game so I'd advise to arrive and leave 30 min or so before and after the rush.  We were packed like sardines in the steamy hot terminal waiting for the train after the game until we decided to wait. Grab a drink at one of the many bars around the stadium to kill time! Also, don't forget to get your "my first visit" certificate free once you're inside the stadium! You don't have to be a kid to get one! You've got to a...

Submitted by: Jon A.

Oh Wrigley-Wrigley-Wrigley... how do you do it? How in the world do you not crumble? I am mighty impressed that you're able to stand strong with all the debauchery that happens on your grounds near-daily for 7 months... err... 6 months every year. I'm big on sight lines. Newer stadiums tend to think baseball should be played in giant stadiums. In fact, baseball was born in places like Wrigley: in city neighborhoods, right in the thickets of daily life. And with those new stadiums goes bad sight lines. You're either too high up, too far set back from the field or so distant from home plate in the outfield there's a disconnect. For Wrigley... the sight lines from the bleachers are incredible. I once sat on the...

Submitted by: Curt L.

I love Wrigley. I have been to other "ball parks".................modern .ball parks with all the amenities I still come back to Wrigley as the benchmark. (I have yet to get to is on the Bucket List). My Wrigley experience tends to be the same If I am taking family/friends): Take the Metra in from Elmhurst. Walk to the Red Line station (or if I have time take a Water Taxi). Exit at the Addison stop (of course). Get in line for the Bleachers. Gates open 2 hours prior to game. Stay on the shady side and out of the will get "Sun O'plenty in the bleachers. Enjoy your fellow Bums in Left Field. I prefer to be right on the wall behind Soriano. Love Soriano and his interaction with the fans....

Submitted by: Rosanna L.

Growing up in Chicago there's always the question "Are you a Cubs or Sox fan?" Well, I'm neither. I prefer football, basketball, and hockey over baseball, but I am a Chicagoan and I cheer for my home team whether it is the Cubs or Sox. I truly enjoy the game of baseball only when I'm at the ball park. I'm not an expert on stadiums, but come on a 70 degree night with a light breeze and I am in love with Wrigley Field. What better way to spend an evening than drinking a cold beer and chowing down on a bratwurst with grilled onions and green peppers, sauerkraut, ketchup, and relish ( )? Can't forget the nachos in a helmet. $15 yes, but you're at a ball game it's time to splurge a littl...

Submitted by: David R.

Well. I'm from the North Side. So I feel I can leave my  review at "GO CUBS" and be personally satisfied with it, I'm sure it would suffice for my fellow Chicagoans as well. But, for the rest of you unfortunate Yelpers that have yet to experience this beautiful city. I'll leave you with this. There was once a day when baseball was about you, your family and friends, and a classic American past-time. Before conglomerates began turning this sport into a profit center. Before players stuck their noses in the air and demanded personal fame and glory before their team and city. Wrigley Field still maintains this classic image of baseball, unchanged by fancy classic amenities. It presents a true and nostalgic imag...

Submitted by: Lance W.

What's not to like about Wrigley Field! The tradition, Wrigley-ville, the Old Style, the Italian Beef... OK, maybe a pennant race for the Cubbies would help but there is always hope for next Spring! If it's your 1st time at Wrigley, sit in the bleachers... Show up early and partake in an Old Style and some good natured heckling of the opposing team during warm ups. The energy of the bleachers make these the best seats in the house! Do try an Italian Beef sandwich with extra giardinera relish. Buy 2 Old Style Beers because you'll need them to soothe the burn of the giardinera. You can get Italian Beef with Giardinera on every street corner in Chicago but I like the Wrigley version best... I went to grad schoo...

Submitted by: Colleen F.

One of my favorite places to be on a summer night in Chicago.  Even if you are not a baseball fan or a Cubs fan you have to appreciate the charm and the history of this old park.  Add on to that the 7th inning stretch and you're in for a true American baseball experience.  The only thing I miss when I go to the games now are my memories of Harry Carry belting his "Holy Cow" when I was a kid. I am personally partial to cheap bleacher seats, although, I realize that they're not for everyone.  This is primarily due to college-coeds and bachelorette parties who don't realize that  there is an unwritten bleacher etiquette.  Even so it's a great place to sit in the sun, drink beer, and meet new friends.  You even ...


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