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Yankee Stadium, New York City, New York

1 E 161st St, New York City, New York

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A stadium tour that any baseball fan will enjoy.

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Submitted by: Thomas S.

As a ten year old child, I remember being nervous on the rattly 4 subway train.  I had never been above 86th street, and here I was in my Yankee t-shirt on the way to my first baseball game.  The 86th street stop had come and gone a long time ago.  The subway car was packed so tightly now that I knew we were close.  We emerged from the darkness to an elevated platform and then I was blinded by something.  I didn't know what it was, but I let my eyes readjust, and there out of the blindness, I began to see again.  I realized that the bright lights of the stadium is what blinded me and I had never seen anything so beautiful. As a child, everything impresses you.  But this was something completely different.  T...

Submitted by: Seven t.

Ohhhh it feels so damn good to be back in the Bronx! What better spot to review for number 400 than Yankee Stadium?! Ive been blessed with the opportunity to make it out to see two games on this visit back to the homeland, and theyve both been great! Its quite different in many aspects in comparison to the old Yankee Stadium.  Some good, some not.  The place is CLEAN! Damn...look at these bathrooms! Royalty could use those toilets! Ha! Nah but seriously, theyre a far cry from what they used to be.  As are the fans; generally speaking. Wheres the kids? Wheres the guys in the stands screaming at the outfielders of the opposing team?! Oh, wait, hold up, there they are, theyre wearing $5000 suits and $50000 watc...

Submitted by: Ryan R.

Let me preface this by stating proudly and sans reservation that I am a true blood Yankee fan, born and raised in the Bronx, and that I may name my first baby Mariano... That having been said, while the Yankees are undoubtedly the best baseball team ever in the universe, their home stadium leaves something to be desired.  I actually think I prefer Citifield (I'm calling it Shea!!)  Yeah, I said it.... Don't get me wrong - the new stadium, (unnecessary IMO - the old one was fine), is modern and clean, super easy to get to, be it by the famous 4 train or Metro-North's new Yankees-158th St station, and has many new amenities.  The staff and security are all helpful and fun.  And, it's where the best play.  No b...

Submitted by: vikiana e.

Born in the Bronx and mostly a Yankee fan, I say mostly because I don't watch every game my review is not biased, I swear lol. The pros of Yankee stadium : the Yankee players of course(my fav player Cano),it's a new stadium and it has a lot of high tech stuff like the huge scoreboard,the Yankee fans who bleed blue you can especially notice this if you sit in the bleachers.  I recommend no I urge you not to sit in  the bleachers if you are a Boston fan,the bleachers creachers along with everyone else will shout you out throughout the game then again if you don't mind this go ahead.  If you're a yankee fan you will def enjoy yourself in the bleachers, the fans here shout at the players all the time and keep th...

Submitted by: Louis r.

Yea, I was born in the Bronx, NY, USA.  Yea, I'm damn proud to be an American. So as a bad-ass American: - I have the freedom to choose to hit a Yankee game with 50,000 other Americans after an earthquake - I have the freedom to ignore the Coors Light beer and Hebrew National hotdog stands - I have the freedom to drink 10 pints of Sapporo beers and eat pan fried chicken noodles at America's game...while other patrons give me the stink-eye - I have the freedom to eat a tub of garlic fries while holding a drunk conversation with a family from Indiana - I have the freedom to sit in the 19th row, right behind (visiting) Hideki Godzilla Matsui - I have the freedom to scream, "Yank-these Suck!" as they are getting...

Submitted by: Dishan W.

Anyone coming in from Toronto just has to love this place no matter what your feelings are towards the actual Yankees team. Compared to the Rogers Centre we have up here, this place is amazing. And the fact that almost all the games are filled up adds to a great atmosphere. I would definitely handle a few rained out games a year (and there was a small shower at the game I was at) if it meant coming to a location like this for a ball game. It's got a very airy feel to it and the aviation enthusiasts in me also enjoys the vicinity the ballpark is to low flying planes. The sort of mini museum they have for retired numbers and famous Yankees players is a must visit for any baseball fan. We were decked out in Blu...

Submitted by: Phil H.

I make no qualms about it - I am and have always been a Yankees fan. Since I was a kid watching the Bronx Zoo teams of the late 70's, to the crappy teams of the 80's to mid 90's, to the championship and perennial playoff teams of the past decade and a half, to taking my cancer stricken father to the games over the past few years, I have always been a fan. This team will always hold a special place for me as it truly helped a son and father bond where there had always been a distance between us, and going to the games helped my dad emotionally as the times there took his fight with cancer off his mind if just for a few hours. I think going to the games helped him beat it. We had gone to the old stadium many, ...

Submitted by: Jeff G.

It's really hard to write a review for this place.  Yankees stadium is a beautiful park with great amenities and a giant TV and great sound but it fails to impress.  Why? Because this stadium feels like it lacks a soul.  In the midst of a dumpy part of NYC, you have a beautiful ultra modern shrine where seats cost upwards of $1100 a game for the first couple of rows. It's just not very congruent to have this crazy stadium that doesn't really fit the neighborhood like a Wrigley or Fenway and it's sad that the rest of the area does not seem to have benefitted economically from the building of a new stadium.  I'm also sure that the super expensive tickets are great for the Wall St banker but what about the aver...

Submitted by: Lara S.

MY FIRST YANKEE GAME EVER!!!! It was so cool. The new stadium is beautiful and easy to get to if you take the train (plus you are allowed to bring beer...on the train that is). We got seats in the bleacher section which was the best idea ever. It was rowdy, fun, loud and full of great rivalry (the Yankees were playing the Me...


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