Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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In inclement weather, the zoo may be closed or may close early.

Address: 800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Phone: 404- 624-9453
URL: http://www.zooatlanta.org/
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults (12-64): $20.99; Children (3-11): $15.99; Children under 3: Free; Seniors (65+), Students & Military: $16.99

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    • Tots (0-2)
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Giant Panda Babies Just Arrived

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Tips for Families

If you don't want to do the additional fee attractions, stay to the left. That's where most of the animal exhibits are. The zoo has a small petting zoo, but it's really just goats. Not the best petting zoo, but the kids like it.

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Submitted by: Whitney T.

This zoo just doesn't do it for me. And that sucks because this is my hometown! My mom always said this zoo sucked, but I couldn't remember anything about it since I had went as a child. However, I went back this past summer and just wasn't impressed. Every animal I wanted to see was MIA! Perhaps it's because I went on a free day??? I guess I only got to see the sucky animals for free. I mean, what happened to the lions and tigers? The cool animals! The guy who committed suicide in Ohio and let all his animals loose had cooler animals then what I saw at Zoo Atlanta. I'm not a big animal person so I haven't been to many zoos, but the zoo in Toledo, Ohio has this one BEAT! By a looonnnnngggg way! Oh yeah, one ...

Submitted by: Brooke M.

When I was little (in the early 1990's), I went to the Atl Zoo multiple times! I had the most fun and there were people everywhere and beautiful animals to observe. As time marched on, the zoo became more deserted, of animals, people, and interest. The last time I went, I was 18 (in 2008). Apparently, we came at the wrong time because every single animal was having sex in front of us. It was so bad that parents had to cover kids eyes. I thought this was HILARIOUS!! To the monkeys to the lions, everybody was "relieving stress". Anyway, The zoo looks next to dead now and it's very small compared to other major cities' zoos. I wish Atlanta will brighten up their major sight seeing places and make them more exci...

Submitted by: Cathy W.

We are moving to Atlanta from Raleigh, and I have an annual membership to the North Carolina Zoo. Thank goodness for my NC Zoo membership-- I would have had to pay $22 to get into the Zoo Atlanta!!! I'm not sure why this zoo is so expensive... Anyway, coming from a HUGE zoo in NC, this zoo felt tiny! However, I like that I was able to see eve...

Submitted by: Keith F.

Oh ok so of the 4 or five zoos I've been to this is the 2nd nicest I've seen. And I can't give it justice on this review because it has been several weeks since I've been there but I will b...

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