Zoo Miami, Miami, Florida

12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, Florida 33177

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Address: 12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, Florida 33177

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Phone: 305-251-0400
URL: http://www.miamimetrozoo.com
Hours: Mon-Sun 9:30 am - 5:30 pm More Info
Price: Adults (13+): $15.95; Children (3-12): $11.95; Children under 3: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Jessica S.

What did I love? To start? Ample free parking, tons of picnic tables outside (you can't bring food inside), clean restrooms, and clean grounds. Add that to the pedal car rentals, which made it possible for us to see almost the entire zoo in 3 hours, and we had a great time.   We fed the giraffe, but not the rhino, and that was a cool experience.  We also touched the stingrays, which my 80 year old grandmother especially liked. The exhibits are set up such that the animals feel like they are very close to you, and the "barriers" in the outdoor exhibits are natural, rather than bars and plexiglass.  The koala was adorable, like a big sleepy cat in a tree.  Too cute.   My oldest son liked "driving" the pedal ca...

Submitted by: Dana J.

I visited Zoo Miami with my family and  it is amazing! The animals were active and visible, which surprised me considering the fact that the temperature was in the nineties. Having physical limitations that prevent me from standing for any length of time, I was excited to see they had bikes to accommodate a family of four. Riding the bike, althoug...

Submitted by: Jovita S.

EXCELLENT place to let your little ones explore & roam around like baby animals :). I've been bringing my son to Zoo Miami for stroller rides since he was 2 months old. He's 2 years old and STILL loves coming here. You would think both my husband and I would be tired of the place, but not even close! There's always something to do! We're about to purchase our year passes for the 3rd year in a row! If you don't have time to do much, I suggest stopping by the Amazon area first or their newly renovated Children's Petting Zoo.  There's much to see and do in both areas. A few places of the Zoo are currently under construction, but as a whole, it's still an awesome place. Take comfy shoes because you'll be doing A...

Submitted by: Jessica S.

I have to admit I not been to the zoo since I was a kid.  This was such a nice change on a Sunday after brunch to visit the Miami Zoo.  I still want to call it Metro Zoo but the name has changed over the years.  I went with a friend on a late afternoon after brunch so by the time we got there it was 3:30pm.  It was pretty late to be entering the park since it closes at 5:30pm.  But we figured since it was "Pink Days" we would get a discount at $10.00 to visit the zoo for a couple hours, which was definitely worth the time and effort.   The entrance fee is usually $15.00 so it really is a cheap afternoon if you want to enjoy a nice day without the craziness of the beaches.  They give you a map of the park whe...

Submitted by: Aly K.

I love Zoo Miami! This zoo is amazing! You can spend an entire day walking around seeing a wide variety of animals. It is great for kids and grownups! Make sure you choose a day that is not too hot as you will want to stay a long time with all there is too see. The walk through the entire complex is a few miles, but...

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