Hapuna Beach State Park, Kamuela, Hawaii

62-100 Kauna'Oa Dr, Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

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The beach has lifeguards but can still be dangerous during high surf because it is not protected from the open ocean by reefs or land barriers.

Address: 62-100 Kauna'Oa Dr, Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

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Phone: 808-882-6206
URL: http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/parks/hawaii/Index.cfm?park_id=44
Hours: Mon-Sun during daylight hours More Info
Price: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Vittorio L.

This place made for the best Beach Day during our week long vacation. We got lucky and found filtered shade under a tree, but still brought an umbrella just in case. The water is perfect, waves relatively small, and very few rocks, so leave your water shoes at...

Submitted by: Shiho F.

Gorgeous medium sized family friendly beach which starts (or ends) at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and expands down the coast.  It's a happening spot which is nice because we felt safe snorkeling and swimming into the crashing waves.  Don't forget to visit the Paradise Grill...

Submitted by: Tamara H.

Beautiful beach!!! Fabulous views and nicely kept up. Gorgeous white sandish beach, not as white as we are used to but beautiful none the less. Picnic pavilions and bathrooms and showers made it a nice way to spend the day. Good snorkel...

Submitted by: Ava A.

What a beautiful beach. The water is crystal clear blue.  The sand is white and coarse. My, my the pretty waves.  Great fun in the sun.  Here are some tips. 1- Bring sunscreen, 2- Bring snacks there are not any snack stands on the beach. 3- Wear a very secure swimsuit.  That is right, these waves will unsheathe  your ladies like a "Girls Gone Wild" cameraman, and it isn't that sort of beach.   4- Watch out for the rocks. 5- Listen to the life guard. 6- Watch your kids. 7- REMEMBER the Riptide aka Rip Current.  If you have never heard of this Google it now. Beware. 8- Take some water. Enjoy! I sure did.  This place is absolutely fabulous.  One of my favorite beaches ever.  Just remember to keep it all G-Rated...

Submitted by: Kristina M.

This beach was perfect to relax and do nothing at.  There is nothing to snorkel for though, it...

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