Staying Safe & Sound


Safety Tips for Families Traveling Abroad

It’s important to follow safety tips when traveling abroad for a family vacation.


How to Stay Healthy on Flights

Here’s how to stay healthy on a flight during your upcoming family vacation.


Safest Cities in the World to Travel with Kids

There are many cities -- both small and large -- rated as the safest in the world for both residents and visitors.


5 Tropical Places with Bad Mosquito Problems

Mosquitoes are found worldwide, but some warm and humid destinations have more mosquitoes than other places.


Keeping Kids Healthy on Long Flights

Don’t let your family be caught in the germ-fest that is the inside of the plane without being prepared!


5 Things to Avoid When Traveling to Mexico with Kids

When deciding where to go, what to eat or drink, and how you want to experience the local culture in Mexico, here are some things to avoid.


America’s 7 Best Hotels for Babies

From age-appropriate play zones to pureed cuisine, these hotels give babies (and parents) extra coddling.


10 Booking Mistakes That Expert Travelers Never Make

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Easy Tricks for Stress-Free Flying with Toddlers

We’ve rounded up 11 simple tips for trouble-free flying with tots, so that families can have their much-needed vacation time with less hassle.


5 Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Vacation in Sydney

We've put together 5 tips for an amazing Sydney vacation with the family.


Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Venice, Italy

Read these great tips before visiting Venice for the first time with kids for a stress-free vacation.


Best Domestic Airlines for Kids Traveling Solo

Breathe easy when the kids fly solo with these great domestic airlines UM programs.


Facts & Fiction: Renting an RV for Your Family Vacation

Things to know before renting that RV for your next family getaway.


Tip Sheet: Crowd Safety

How to keep your kids safe at the beach, theme parks, cities and other busy places.


7 Tips for Flying with an Autistic Child

For parents of kids with autism, air travel means navigating a string of intimidating experiences. These 7 tips can help.


Family-Friendly Camping Tips for Every Situation

Camping this summer? Get tips from us first!


Safe Summer Travel: Top Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Don't leave on your vacation before learning how to keep your kids protected from the elements.

By on Mar 26, 2014

The No-Excuses Vacation Workout

Don't chuck your fitness routine. You can get a whole-body workout in your hotel room with five basic moves.

By on May 18, 2015

Fall Caribbean Travel and Hurricane Season

Fall in the Caribbean means beautiful beaches, low airfares, hotel steals and the H word. Here’s how to minimize the risk of traveling during hurricane season.


How to Ensure a Hotel Crib Is Baby-Safe

Booking a hotel or vacation rental that provides cribs sounds like a no-brainer for parents with babies in tow.