What to Pack


Packing Tips for Family Travel Abroad

Traveling overseas with the troop? Try these packing tips on for size, and you’ll never have to struggle with bulky luggage again!


How to Avoid Baggage Fees When Traveling with Kids

12 great tips on avoiding luggage fees!


Tip Sheet: Packing

A great trip starts with perfect packing. Check out these packing tips from prepared parents.


Packing Checklist for Teens (13+)

If you've ever had the urge to send your teenager packing, now's your chance: Give them this checklist and let them pack their own bags. (Okay, there's also a checklist for things you might want to hold on to yourself, like your child's ID...

By on Oct 9, 2013

6 Ways to Never Pay Baggage Fees

Want to avoid paying hefty baggage fees the next time you fly? These tips will help you pack lighter every time.


3 Must-Have Gadgets to Give Your Vacation a Boost

Got room in your bags for a few more gadgets? These three portable must-haves hit it out of the park for on-the-move families.


How To Get A Passport

US citizens must have a passport or US Passport Card when traveling to and from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean by land or sea.


Packing Checklist for Tweens(9-12)

No longer just a kid but not quite a teen, your tween is old enough now to pack on their own--though you might need to double-check that they haven't forgotten anything before you leave. Here's everything you need to prepare for your next trip


Packing Checklist for Big Kids(6-8)

Big boys and girls grow up fast, but they still need help packing their stuff. Here's everything you need to get them prepared for your next trip


Packing Checklist for Little Kids(3-5)

Sometimes it seems like preschoolers should come with their own bellhops. Here's everything you need to be prepared for your next trip.


Packing Checklist for Tots (0-2)

Little ones require big baggage. Here's everything you need to be prepared for your next trip.