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Adrienne Veglia Mazeau

Glenmont, New York


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With 2 full time parents who work outside of the home we like to make the most of our weekends with day trips and overnight getaways. We love being outdoors and part of our getaways usually include time outside either hiking or exploring new cities. Our best trips involve enrichmnet activities; living history museums have been a big favorite this past year.


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Hancock Shaker Village

Route 20 & 41, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Visited: 2012-07-01 | Submitted: 2013-01-02 03:29:03.0 | I traveled with tots (0-2) and little kids (3-5)

Walk back in time - a beautiful day trip with kids

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We love visiting living history museums with our kids as a way to teach them about a way of life long gone or to see how families of different cultures lived their day to day lives. Hancock Shaker Village is 45 minutes east of Albany, New York and a great way to spend the day outdoors while learning about this once small society working for their own utopia. The interpreters are top notch and incredibly knowledgeable about the Shakers and life in western Massachusetts in the 19th century. The is a cafe on site but also plenty of picnic areas (which we took advantage of). Kids can explore the large round barn, gardens, school as well as the main living quarters. The Discovery Room (next to the delicious ice cream parlor) is a must see for families with young children. It provided a cool break from the summer heat and gave the kids a chance to play, read, dress up in traditional Shaker dress, milk a life size replica of a cow and many other crafts and activities.

Tips for Families

There are no paved roads and many buildings to explore, if possible, avoid a stroller and opt for a baby carrier instead.

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