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1313 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, California

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Visited: August 2011 | Submitted: Jan 29, 2013 | I traveled with big kids (6-8) and tweens (9-12)


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Great vacation destination to do with your children. Park is much smaller than Disney World, making it easier to navigate all the attractions. Everything was top-notch...shows, restaurants, rides and staff to make your experience wonderful. The end of the day light show surpasses even the Disney World shows...which are amazing to see. My 12 year old said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever children have been to both parks. Campgrounds and lodging are all within walking distance to park entrance..and buses also available to get you from lodging to park.

Tips for Families

When entering the park, most people will go to their right to start their day. I suggest heading left...ride lines will be much shorter and you can get half way through before meeting up with all the people that started going to the right. Pin trading is a super fun thing for the kids to do at any Disney Park. Suggest taking a lanyard and various "stick pins" before entering the park. Buying them there is very pricey and the fun of trading what you have for better pins or the ones you want to collect makes it funner too. Kids walk up to any park person wearing lanyards and ask to trade pins...they have to give one up to get one back. Also little known pin trading secret...go to the guest services building in each park and ask to see the pin trading book....sometimes guest services will give out other freebies that they have...lets face it...they love to make you happy!

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