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Luray Caverns

101 Cave Hill Rd., Luray, Virginia

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Visited: 2013-03-01 | Submitted: 2013-03-19 14:37:04.0 | I traveled with little kids (3-5) and big kids (6-8)

Stunning and Educational

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We got to cross off another regional gem from our "must-visit" list since we moved to the DelMarVa area. The Luray Caverns were a perfect day trip during our snowy spring break. You'll get to enjoy the loveliness of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding national parks. Because it was off season and a weekday, we arrived and immediately could enter a tour group. My kids were giddy with excitement as we walked down the steps to enter the cavern. The caverns are not the sparkly mineral infused ones but there are amazing examples of every kind of formation. I LOVE that my first experience seeing this natural wonder was through the eyes of my children. Every long skinny passage opens up into cathedral vaulted "rooms". Everywhere you look there is something fantastical for your eyes to rest upon. If your children enjoy Luray, there are several other caverns in the area listed here:

Tips for Families

Read up on the cavern system before you go. Our tour guide was a 20-something with a monotone delivery that bored my kids. Also - if you want to hear the guide, you have to stick to the front of the tour group and my kids and I were taking everything in, taking photos and lagging behind. Wear good shoes -- the path can be wet and it gets steep here and there. It's about a 2-mile walk but the path is paved. Strollers would be hard so wear your baby/toddler. The caverns stay 54 degrees and are humid. Afterwards you can visit the Car & Carriage Museum (included in the price). We all enjoyed this and it's an extra treat. There is a fast food cafe there too. We were off-season but they also have a hedge maze and a ropes course for additional $. About 13 miles away is a great little gem from times past called Dinosaur Land. Look it up and visit it!! It's fun, campy and out of time!

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