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Edgewater Resort & Waterpark Duluth (Minnesota)

2400 London Road, Duluth, Minnesota

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  • Connecting rooms
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Smoke-free property
  • Pet friendly
  • On-site restaurant(s)
  • Refrigerator in room
  • Outdoor pool
  • Water slide
  • Bikes available

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Visited: 2013-01-01 | Submitted: 2013-01-27 04:07:44.0 | I traveled with tots (0-2) and little kids (3-5)

Just Outright Cold...

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I checked into this hotel on the way from southern Minnesota to the Candada border. We had quite a few options for where we were going to stay and chose to pay more for this simply due to the waterpark and having 2 small children with us (ages 5 & 1.5) who both love the water. Upon check-in I noticed the reception area was very chilly. I'd just assumed maybe it was due to people coming and going and continued to make our reservations as planned. We were put into a lower level lakeview room in the Tiki Tower (the main building). We had to go around a use a separate door to unload because our room was on the lower level (the fancy way for saying - we put you in the basement). I felt like an employee walking to my room. We walked past quite a few laundry carts, as well as housekeeping carts, carts filled with carpet deodorizer, the mechanical room, the fire sprinkler room, another mechanical room, past employee after employee. Eventually we get to an area that's a bit more "hotel-ish" and find our room (opposite end of the elevator we used - but right next to another elevator with no outside access). The room was clean, no odors and the view of Lake Superior was fantastic (especially at sunrise). The flat-screen TV was nice but no HBO as advertised on the in-room channel list. I wanted to take the kids to go see the pool, just knowing they'd be so excited. I told the hubby I was taking the kiddos for a walk while he decided on dinner. We walked out of our room only to be blasted once again by cold air. The hallway was so cold... off we went anyways across the hall to the elevator where we took to the pool floor. Got to the pool with both kids only to see a notice posted on the door saying the kiddie pool was CLOSED! Wonderful... we paid more for this room, why? I went in anyways thinking it's a waterpark... there's got to be more then just a kiddie pool for them. Nope! There's absolutley nothing for the 1.5 year-old and the only other things for my 5-year-old would require him to know how to swim because the water is so deep. After dinner, I resorted to putting the 1.5 year old to bed so I could take the 5-year-old to the water park he'd been waiting for since we'd told him that morning we were going. I felt awful leaving my daughter in the room after talking up going swimming to her all day. I got to the pool with my son and he wanted to cross the stepping pads with the rope across. I went in the water to spot him and about went into shock! The water was nowhere near the warmth it should have been! I froze waiting for him to cross and decided we'd go to the lazy river - the only other thing he could kinda do. I stepped in and it was slightly warmer but still WAY too cold. I put up with it for him and while we were both floating down the lazy river shivering with goosebumps he says, "Isn't this relaxing?!" I could not agree LESS. Finally he was just too cold and asked to leave. As if we weren't cold enough, we then had to walk through the 60 degree hallway and ride the cold elevator shivering back to our room. At least there it was warm. I took a HOT shower to warm up after giving my son a warm bath and putting him to bed. While lying in bed I hopped on the free Wi-Fi and went to their Facebook page where it stated, "The pool is starting to be re-filled. It's only 40 degrees right now (brr!) but by tomorrow afternoon it will be back to it's regular 91 degrees." - Pretty sure we were there 3 days after they posted that and I guarantee it was NOT 91 degrees. I'm guessing it was 55 - 60. Nowhere near what it should have been to have guests swimming in it. The night was a bit noisy with the elevator across the hall and it being a high traffic area for people pushing carts. We woke in the morning to a Lake Superior sunrise that was fantastic. It was the best part of the hotel, hands down. I went on the website to see they had a free breakfast, so we set out to find it. We had to take 2 elevators to get there but found it on the 4th floor where we continued to watch the sun rise on the harbor. The breakfast selection was alright: cereal, yogurt, juice, fruit, eggs, sausage, and toast. Unfortunately my son didn't care for the stale knock-off cereal and ended up with nothing more then a peanut butter sandwich. I thought the toast was good as was the yogurt. I didn't care for the orange juice though, it was more like orange flavored water. My husband and daughter loved their breakfasts and made a couple trips up for another this-or-that. We headed back to the room with full bellies and began to get ready to go home. There was a quick detour through the arcade that the kids had lots of fun with and they did have a wide variety of games. Once back to the room we decided to brew a little coffee for the road with the in-room coffee pot only to find it was filled with fuzzies inside (see pic) and decided against that - disappointing after we'd been talking about brewing some coffee since check-in. Check-out was a breeze with only calling them to tell them we were leaving and walking back through the what-seemed-like Employee-Only area we were on our way. All-in-all it left a bad taste in my mouth. If I were there in the summer, if they had their pools working, if I had the kids with me, if I was not in the basement I would think about staying there again.As is, there's no way I'd return. I was very disappointed and the hubby questioned why we even stopped in Duluth for that and we should have just continued onto our destination and saved the money for something fun.

Tips for Families

Avoid the lower level (basement) rooms, and elevator rooms & stay in the Tiki Tower not the motel portion.

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