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Carnival Cruise Lines Inc.

3655 SW 87th Ave, Miami, Florida

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Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas from Jacksonville...Dynamite Trip

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This was our second cruise with Carnival. It is so family focused. We traveled with our whole family (11 people). There was something for everyone. My daughter loved her group geared for her. I loved the flexibility everyone has of doing their own thing. We only asked that they be at dinner. It worked wonderfully. Everyone looked forward to seeing each other and hearing what every one had been up too. It is the most relaxing trip I have ever taken.`

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We take walkie talkies with us. My daughter has one and either my husband or I have the other one. She can stay in touch with us. We book our trip early so we can get the early saver rate. It makes the trip more affordable. We have found by doing this and looking for good rates it is cheaper than other vacations. The clubs from age 8 to 11 allow you give your children permission to check themselves out. If you do, they can go in groups to do scavenger hunts.

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