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Dreams Resort And Spa Cancun

Punta Cancún s/n, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

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  • Rollaway beds available
  • Babysitting
  • Kids' club
  • On-site restaurant(s)
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Kids eat free
  • Cribs (infant beds) available
  • Outdoor pool
  • Snorkeling equipment available
  • Beach umbrellas available

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Visited: January 2013 | Submitted: Feb 11, 2013 | I traveled with big kids (6-8) and tweens (9-12)


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Disappointing…….This resort is not all bad, but it really depends on your expectations. For a resort to have a slogan like “unlimited luxury” you expect luxury. We did not get that…far from it. This is at best a 2.5-3 star resort based on the rooms and condition. It is old and extremely outdated. The rooms they advertise on the internet are gorgeous. The room we got had not been updated since 1980! There were stains on all the furniture, rips, gross stains in the sink, the furniture was hideous and none of the décor went together. The living area looked like my first apartment-everything thrown together from other people’s houses that were broken and outdated. We did have an amazing view of the ocean and the dolphins. The food was ok-there was always a lot of variety and plenty for the kids. After a while thought the buffet seemed the same each night. We enjoyed Oceanna immensely when we ate there. We also liked Seaside Grill. Each day they had a stand set up by the lagoon with fresh fruit and another with some hot food-fired fish, rotissiere chicken, etc. and that was very good. The drinks were plentiful and there were waiters on the beach and at the pool so you never wanted for a drink. They need a better menu at the pool snack shack-not enough options and it gets boring after a few days. The entertainment was fun. They had a lot of activities on the beach and we really enjoyed Emily and some of the other staff. They work hard and are there all day long. I did Zumba on the beach a few days and they had some fun activities and cooking classes, etc. What they lacked was rainy day activities. We had 2 full days of rain and other than Blackjack, Bingo and board games there was not much to do. They offered a few other things in the ballroom for ½ at a time, but they should have been out all day to give people something to do. The kid’s club was not great. They advertise a game room and all kinds of great activities. In reality they offer one activity and hour-dodgeball, water gun fight, drawing competition, etc. Half the time the kids did not want to do the activity so they just put in a movie. They had no freedom to do what they wanted and they only once allowed the kids to play video games. If is not made for anyone over the age of 8 even though they say 12. My kids did not enjoy it and never wanted to go. The water facilities are nice. The beach is gorgeous and while there is not much sand, the water is beautiful and warm. They have kayaks, and paddle boards. You can get snorkel gear. There is also a water trampoline but they took it out after the first day and never put it back in. My kids were very disappointed. The pool is small and not heated and surprisingly freezing. It held no great appeal and I would def. find a resort with better pools next time. The staff was hit or miss. The waiters work there butts off and are very polite and helpful. They go out of their way to get you what you need. The entertainment staff also works very hard. Our room was always cleaned and stocked. I found the front desk staff and concierge staff to be rude and unhelpful. The concierge only helped you if you wanted to buy something-spa services, a tour, time share, etc. Otherwise they didn’t care about you. The front desk did not offer any help either and were not even polite. We purchases internet service for the week at $79 and it NEVER worked. We talked to tech support several times and they were not helpful either. The last 4 days we could not get any coverage and nobody cared or offered any compensation. They just said it was windy and not their fault. When we arrived and got our room I spoke to the manager right away. I told him that we had spoken to a rep at the hotel who told us the master one bedroom we were getting would look like the one on the website. He asked me for “proof” an email or something he could see. I told him it was a phone conversation and we were also told it would have a sleeper sofa (it did not). I told him the décor and room were unacceptable so he offered us a different room. We went to see it and while the room was bigger it was the same ugly, outdated décor in the other room. We stayed in our room and he told us that he would try to get us a new room after the weekend in the other building. We never heard from him again. I asked him to decorate our room for my son’s birthday and he said no, that it was up the maids to do that and so he couldn’t. I asked for free internet which he gave us (we paid for another because it only works on one device) but it never worked. The management did not care that we were not happy. It was extremely disappointing and put a damper on our entire vacation. I would not recommend Dreams unless you go expecting very little from the rooms and service staff. (This does not include the waiters an entertainment).

Tips for Families

Get a dolphin view room, activities are fine for the younger groups but there is nothing for anyone 9+. And they watch a lot of movies.

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