Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

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2880 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, Las Vegas, Nevada

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    • Tots (0-2)
    • Little kids (3-5)
    • Big kids (6-8)
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Everything, except the buffet

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Tips for Families

AdventureDome! The kids loved this place. Ask employees before you go into the dome where to get discount coupons. You can save a substantial amount if you do the footwork! If all else fails, mention whoever's birthday you're celebrating by going there and some employees will give you a birthday discount, some won't. The buffet is usually free for kids and I think breakfast buffet is free for all guests with your coupon book. Use your coupon book. Dinners were great everywhere but the buffet. Circus Circus buffet is known around town by locals as the most disgusting buffet in town. By contrast, Main Street Station buffet downtown is the best. The pools at this hotel are not very attractive, nor supervised, nor are they close to the hotel rooms. The cheapest rooms, in their motel are the cheapest in the entire city and you're more likely to run into bum locals than tourist like you. in other words, pay the extra few bucks and upgrade to the hotel. Vegas hotels are generally cheap and Circus Circus is cheapest on the strip by far. Sign up online for their text messages a few months before you book and eventually you'll get a text for a sale where you can book rooms within days for $30-70 pier night. The resort fees they tack on is standard, all the hotels will do it, even ones not on the strip. Read the fine print, they usually state the exact amount. Never let a taxi take the freeway to your hotel, they're ripping you off if they do. It's not faster or cheaper. If you rent your car from the airport, you'll pay $40-$125 more than renting your car at a different location. You won't find an ATM for your bank on the strip, so bring cash or plan on paying HIGH withdrawal fees from off brand ATM machines or driving a ways away to your bank branch ATM, none are on the strip. They do all this on purpose. Do not fall for hustlers selling you discounted tickets or VIP passes. They are not legit and they don't have a contact at the club that will "take care of you" and they're cell number will be automated text replies. Circus Circus is the cheapest kid friendly hotel on the strip. You won't find cheaper, even with discounts. So if you want fun for the kids and they aren't dying to go swimming, you like indoor amusement park stuff, this is the best place. The candy stores inside the casino are amazing and the gift shops are nice too.

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