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Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito, California

557 McReynolds Rd, Sausalito, California

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Sonora, California

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Submitted by: La C.

Fun times for the toddler!  This place is heaven for my 1 year old, there are many activities we didn't know where to start.  It was pretty packed since it was the 1st Wednesday of the month (free).  He loves water so he had a blast in the running stream area.  He also enjoyed the no shoes area, he had a blast climbing a...

Submitted by: Victoria B.

Its awesome! They've got an old fishing boat! They've got a huge gravel pit with miniature shovels and hard  hats. They've got a pirate ship with buried treasure! They've ...

Submitted by: Karin H.

This is a wonderful museum for kids eight and under.  All of the exhibits are hands-on and are designed to lead children in exploration and discovery.  If you're a teacher studying habitats the Wave Workshop recreates the habitat under the GG Bridge and includes info on local birds, salt water life, and...

Submitted by: Will I A m.

at $11 a person, I feel it's a hefty price considering 2 parents and at least a child is $33. there are lots of outside play structures and indoor activities located in various bungalows.  Paint area seems to attract many kids.  Stamp and play-doh like area have minimal stamps and play-doh like clay.  Also, ignorant parents seem to th...

Submitted by: Briana D.

This is a cool place for kids about 10 and under (maybe even younger than that). Its very hands on and like a giant park playground or open house school. They have many different things - much of which is out doors, so if its raining (which it does 90% of the time in NorCal) then you might want to reconsider. But my kids always loved coming here and they always had a good time. We became members for a year while we lived up in this area. I would love to find something comparable in SoCal. Staff was alright, I guess they could have more staff around each exhibit to talk to the kids about if they had a question or wanted to see how something worked. But a cool place to check out if you have 5 year olds or arou...

Submitted by: Corrie B.

As an Early Childhood Educator this place is pretty disappointing. There isn't much "education" going on. It's all self-guided which is great but the staff hovering over things doesn't help with the learning process. The best part of this place is the outdoor area. Great climbing structure. Our 6 year old enjoyed the wave room. It's pretty pricey for a play place. Not only do they charge for adults but we had older children with us & had to pay for them as well (& none of the stuff was for them to play with/on!). The staff was very rude about our older children being there & we paid $66 for all of us to be there. The staff even questioned our oldest about being with a family because they don't see very many ...

Submitted by: Lisa V.

Great for toddlers and kids, lots of room to play and explore, but I have to subtract a few stars for....hygiene. The toddler room, while undoubtedly fun for toddlers, could use more frequent surface cleaning. The easy solution is to bring a TON of baby wipes and w...

Submitted by: Sara L.

Every wonderful thing the previous reviewers mentioned were true! Try to come on the first wednesday of every month and it's free for everyone. parking is generous and free too. when we first entered the entrance, we thought it look just like portable mobile homes. It wasn't until we entered the museum that we really appreciate the size of the place. All of the equipments were clean and well kept. We've been to many children museum and this by far is the least claustrophobic. They got out door xylophones and play area. the play ground huge and what a view of the golden gate bridge. This is one of the few museums where the adults probably feel like they didn't get ripped off for baby sitting.   admission is $...

Submitted by: Kiesha R.

This is the first museum ever to inspire me to purchase a family membership. After going for the first time a couple of months ago, I was sold. This is definitely a place that my little one can grow with for years to come. He went wild with delight in the indoor toddler play area. It's yet to be warm enough for us to truly enjoy the outdoor space, but I have no doubt he will love it there as well. I love that they provide little smocks for kiddos to play in the "pond" So far, it's just been a bit too chilly to last out there for more than a few minutes. In my opinion, this is a much better value than the oft-compared Cal Academy of Sciences. That is obviously a gorgeous museum, but it doesn't have nearly as ...


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