Beer Can House, Houston, Texas

222 Malone St, Houston, Texas

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Submitted by: Helen C.

This place is worth checking out, just to sit in awe of the sheer magnitude of the amounts of beer this man (and his wife) drank to make this house possible. I actually had been to the Beer Can House sometime last year, when a friend was in town. But it was still being renovated and wasn't actually open to the public yet (the inside, at least). But the Orange Show did a faboo job of doing it over, and I was able to venture inside this tiime, with another out-of-town guest. The outside is pretty awesome -- dotted with Lone Star (and other assorted) beer cans. There's some tabs hanging from the trim on the house, kind of like wind chimes or a curtain. Classy touch. My fave part, though, are the fences in the f...


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