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Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas, Texas

1801 N Griffin St, Dallas, Texas

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Great place to spend a hot summer day

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This was a great place to spend 3-4 hours. It is not a huge place, but if you have an afternoon to spare, the kids will really enjoy it.

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Submitted by: Mollie T.

I found this a lot of fun to walk around and check out. However I am not a fan of monkeys (poo flinging creeps) and evil penguins (taking over the world someday). But they were trapped b...

Submitted by: Julie A.

Rainforest...seriously a rainforest!  I'm not saying they just had a couple of misters a monkey and a large tadpole.  RAINFOREST!  Snakes, manatees, HUGE fish, all kinds of rodents, primates, slothes!  The freakin' sloth was at the level I could pet him, in a tree with nothing in between me and him!  It was awesome!  Oh, flamingos, did I m...

Submitted by: Dee Dee H.

Unexpected greatness! My family and I had so much fun at the aquarium today. Cannot believe I haven't been in forever. ...

Submitted by: Justin T.

The Dallas World Aquarium is a fun way to spend any day. Be warned, the line to the entrance can be ferocious on the weekends but it is well worth the wait.  The exhibits are on par with many other large city aquariums and they seem to add new ones to ke...

Submitted by: Amanda R.

I love this place. It's a great last minute weekend excursion for families or couples alike. We always enjoy the scenery here and the prices aren't too bad. The parking is a bit of an issue, but once you're in t...

Submitted by: Spicy M.

Such an interesting place!  Much more than an Aquarium!  So many animals...birds....reptiles as well as some of the most beautiful fish.  The jellyfish exhibit and cool sea horse exhibit are some of my favorites!  I agree with Emily C.'s Not a SAD "animals are trapped" feel at all.   I do have a friend that said  she knows a woman that took her 6 year old for a day @ DWA and, on the way  back home her son opened his back pack in the back seat and pulled out one of the little penguins (not a stuffed one) he picked up in the penguin exhibit.....can you only imagine what was going on in that car on the way back to the DWA............OMG! One of my son's best friends' had their wedding reception @ DWA.......

Submitted by: Emily C.

The Dallas World Aquarium is probably only of my favorite places in the world. I love the set-up. It's really clean and doesn't have that sad "the animals are trapped" feeling to it. You start at the top of the rainforest and work your way down to the bottom of the river (and the aquariums). There are so many animals and birds and reptiles, and different environments to explore. The educational bits are set-up so that you can get more (or less) information as you like -- really helps with retention. The biggest downside is that tickets are pretty expensive and it really only takes 2-3 hours to get through the whole museum (as an adult without kids).  To me, it's worth the price. This isn't just a place for k...

Submitted by: Frank L.

Great Place! Just so you know its called an aquarium but it seems like only half of it is an aquarium. The other half is this tiered atrium rain forest exhibit. Its actually well done. Best part is the tunnel beneath the shark and ray tank. Very cool. For parents just a heads up. They do allow strollers but its pr...

Submitted by: Zach M.

This place gave me a whole new perspective on Dallas. Some of the most unique animals I've ever seen in one place, modeling the ecosystem of the Orinoco River: A jaguar, sea dragons, axolotls, crocodiles!!!, a river otter, an anteater, catfish the size of a VW bug, many unique new world monkeys, penguins, vampire bats, a sloth!!!!! and my absolute favorite, the manatees.   I spent about 2 hours just hanging out with the manatees.  If I was an evil genius mastermind type with a secret lair, I wouldn't have piranhas to guard my fortress, it would be manatees. They are just that awesome.  I would also have a sloth. To the reviewers complaining about the smells: really?  Your shit stinks too. You just happen to ...


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