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FDR Memorial, Washington, District of Columbia

Ohio Dr SW & West Basin Dr SW, Washington, District of Columbia

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Submitted by: Terinee B.

I had a GREAT time here with my husband.  There were sooooooo many interesting things here.  We spent a couple of hours here and the time FLEW by!  Make sure when you come, you bring your camera.  This is also a great place to bring the kids b/c there are so many tidbits of history for them to read...

Submitted by: Megan H.

This memorial is HUGE and has a different feel than the other memorials around this area.  It is full of waterfalls and statues and quotes.  It is really pretty walking through the memorial with the tidal basin on the other side and reading the different quotes from FDR along the way.   We approached the memorial from the back and walked through it backwards.  I didn't even realise at first that it was a memorial - it seemed like a real cool place to hang out along the tidal basin.  But after I realised it (and even going backwards through it), I thought it was pretty cool. However, my experience may have been marred by a huge group of high school kids running through the otherwise peaceful area, chatting lo...

Submitted by: Kathleen M.

Oh my goodness this place is HUGE. It just keeps winding back along the island with more and more to see around every corner. I came here at night and it was absolutely empty. That's what you get for visiting the memorials on Valentine's Day, I suppose. The lighting was very dramatic so I think it's a great place to see at night when you don't have to deal with screaming kids or people stopping to take pictures. I loved the huge inscriptions of his quotes around the memorial as well as all of the bronze statues, especially the one with his dog. :) I also liked that they paid tribute to Eleanor, as we all know she was the one who was running the show. The fountains weren't on when I was there and to be honest...

Submitted by: Anna R.

My husband and I first came here shortly after the memorial was finished and it was so pleasant.  I remember it was a summer morning on a Sunday and no one was around because word hadn't gotten out it was open.  We were two of a handful of visitors.  I really loved the placement of water throughout the whole venue. There's a section in which there's a huge statue of FDR's dog and we thought it was so adorable then.  The second time we came here was just this past spring when the cherry blossoms were in bloom.  The crowds on this Sunday were unbelievable!  We were at the memorial by 830 and had to wait for parking!  This wasn't the contemplative retreat from the first go-round.  Anyhow, we still had a great t...


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