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France Family Vacation Ideas

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Val d’Isere is a favorite local getaway destination in France. Idyllic Destinations Where French Families Go on Vacation
Ever wondered where all the French people are when you visit the land of cheese and wine?
Winter Wonderland in London Most Festive Christmas Destinations in Europe
Cities like Strasbourg, London and Berlin become the ultimate family-friendly destinations for Christmas.
Avignon, France Visiting Charming Avignon, France with Kids
This beautiful, medieval walled city with cobblestone streets and fascinating, historical buildings will interest everyone in the family.
Omaha Beach Family-Friendly Historic Attractions in Normandy to Honor D-Day
Walk and explore the historic streets of Normandy with the kids for an educational and unforgettable vacation, commemorating the heroes of the Normandy landings.
Explore the palace grounds of Versailles in France. Go Now! Top 10 Historical Attractions to See in Europe
Europe is teeming with places full of history. Here are ten of the top ones you must visit with the kids.
Norwegian cruise ship Best Family Cruise Deals to Book Now!
Get your hands on these amazing family cruise deals before they sail away.

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2 Days of Culture and History in Paris

by Rowena Carr Allinson   Experienced Traveler
There’s so much to see in the City Of Lights ‘en famille’! The French capital is so rich in history, it’s often said to be the world’s “capital of culture.” So where to start? I’ve whittled it down to the must see kid-friendly classics, while keeping the itineraries simple and geographically logical to enjoy the city’s classic sights with the kids. <br/><br/>(Rowena Carr-Allison is a travel writer and a Paris destination expert.)

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