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Grand Central Terminal, New York City, New York

42nd St, New York City, New York

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Aww inducing architecture

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As a public space, Grand Central is required to have handicap access available so it was easy to get around with my son in his stroller.

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Submitted by: Benson Y.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve.  In a section of that film, Superman comes crashing into the lair of Lex Luthor deep underground to stop his nefarious plan.  Anyone who has seen that film and then seen Grand Central Station may get a sense of deja vu.  Yes, Lex Luthor's lair was based on Grand Central station.  So deep down inside, there's a kid in me who absolutely adores this station just for that.   But there is so much more to this.  Its sweeping high celings, arches, stonework, beautiful ceiling paintings, wide open spaces, old styled clocks and ticket stations - it's so much to absorb but in one place you see some of the most incredible examples of t...

Submitted by: Julia G.

What can I say that hasn't been said already? Grand Central Terminal is a bunch of contradictions. It's always busy, yet somehow calming in the gorgeous space. It's a tourist attraction, yet it's not suffocating like, say, Times Square. It's a historic building...

Submitted by: peter d.

I've taken more trains into, out of, and below GCT than I can count. It feels as though I've been doing it my whole life. Perhaps because I have. I've gotten lost as a toddler, tugging on the pants of the man I thought was my father. I've slept on the floor, drunk, waiting for a train leaving the next morning.* I've raced through streams of commuters pouring out of newly arrived trains, semi-apologetically wreaking havoc in order to catch my own. I've gazed up at the ceiling like a tourist when the subway failed me and I had an hour to kill until the next train out. Oftentimes, walking around Manhattan in my little world, I forget where I am. It becomes necessary to step outside the city -- drive over a brid...

Submitted by: G W.

The main terminal area with its starry, vaulted ceiling lifts your heart every time you see it. Christmas there is a lovely short laser show on the ceiling, repeated all day at intervals, together with a souk-like market of vendors in the main waiting room area. When you look up at the pair of enormous windows, you can just make out the glass walkways that allowed access to some of the tower space and adjacent buildings, now sadly off limits. As children it was always a thrill to walk floating through the glass windows, waving to one parent waiting below on the terminal floor. Newer additions, like the welcomed Lexington Market Food Hall, allow commuters and local tourists to provision themselves with fresh ...

Submitted by: Joi M.

This was my first stop from the airport and it was just as Grand as I have seen in the media.  Amazing architecture, I could have spent an hour or two here just walking around and people watching.  There were a lot of tourists taking pictures and a lot of people meeting up with friends and family. ...

Submitted by: Lauren E.

This iconic NY building is beautiful, busy, chaotic, loud. Take a moment to be a shameless tourist (or art appreciator) and look at the building from in the center. Don't lose your traveling buddies or family memb...

Submitted by: Monique R.

I hate all things touristy but I have a big soft spot for Grand Central Terminal. I love it most during the winter seasons when the winter market is set up and then there are the awesome snowflake shows every 30 minutes that just make you stop and stare. Imagine the bustling grand central station at a stand still while commuters, tourists, and city dwellers just stop and take it all in? Its marvelous! I also enjoy the acoustics! whenever I have friends or family visit from NY I take them to a spot in between the food court and the tracks where the ceiling peaks a tiny bit. I have them wait in one corner and I walk diagonally across and whisper into the crevice of the wall. I watch as they turn in amazement t...

Submitted by: Julie A.

Came back to try the Whispering wall with my son. Before we went on our trip, I had him read a book about NYC and pick out places and things to do. Visiting the Grand Central Station and doing the Whispering Wall was one of them. I had heard of this wall, but never had the chance to do that till now. It was pretty funny. Tip: Try looking upwards when you're talking into the wall. Apparently sound doesn't bounce as well towards the ceiling when your voice is moving towards your feet. Also, I noticed that mumbling or whispering didn't do as well as talking in a normal voice. We also took pics by the clock which I had seen a few years prior and some pics by the grand staircase. I didn't see the bboys I saw last...

Submitted by: Matteo R.

Grand Central Terminal really is grand! Few places are as evocative as GCT. This place brings back lots of memories to me; sweet memories, painful memories. I couldn't imagine a NYC without GCT. Every time I walk into GCT I feel like I am somewhat transported into a different space and time within NYC's space and time. I love the simplicity and grandiosity of the main room, so spare in details (the brass clock at the center, the egg-shaped chandeliers), so spacious, flooded with light. It feels more like a grandiose ballroom than anything else. Every time I look at the wonderful, cerulean blue ceiling vault with the zodiac[1] I think about "Winter's tale" by Mark Helprin. Smaller spaces are structurally span...


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