Imagination Stage, Bethesda, Maryland

4908 Auburn Ave, Bethesda, Maryland

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Submitted by: Kari M.

The ages listed for performances are usually misleading, apparently in an effort to lure more people to attend (there are always empty seats).  The productions are always good for toddlers but if your child is over four years old, they will be bor...

Submitted by: Ryan W.

I was very impressed at the quality of the facilities at Imagination Stage.  This is a first-rate theater which is perfectly tailored toward kids and their parents.  Booster seats were available so the little ones can have a good view.  There is a room on the side where restless kids can get their energy out without being disruptive to the show.  The cafe and gift shop, though we didn't stop in, looked very nice.  Apparently, they do all kids of performing arts classes and workshops for kids too.  Probably a little inconvenient since Bethesda is a bit of a drive from Arlington, but certainly a great resource for local MoCo families.  My one star deduct is for their performance of "Dr. Doolittle," which I tho...

Submitted by: Sarah J.

We couldn't be more happy with musical summer camp. We have sent our oldest there last summer and now our middle child this summer. He loves it but it books up a lit...

Submitted by: Candy B.

Are you a toddler? Do you like using your imagination? Go see AQUARIUM at Imagination Stage! I was in town for the weekend and brought my friend and her kids to this amazing show meant for ages 12 months to 5 years. I have never seen anything else like it for this age group. Designed to inspire a child's i...

Submitted by: Gayle G.

What a great idea! I went with a friend and her son to see a play here and now I want to do the same with my kid once he is old enough. Imagination Stage is a children's theater company that puts on  modern and classic plays year round. And, as we found out, Imagination also offers classes in drama, acting, dance, musical theater, and filmmaking at all age and grade levels. This theater company used to be housed inside White Flint Mall until it moved to this space in 2003. The "new" location is impressive for what is a children's theater-- everything is state-of-the-art. They really have thought of everything. If a young audience member gets too loud, he or she can be moved to "the quiet room" which is a gla...


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