Kayaking (Downtown Boathouse), New York City, New York

Pier 40, 353 West St, New York City, New York

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Submitted by: Juliet S.

My 200th review! Couldn't be for a better place. On a hot summer day in New York, many people tend to want to stay inside and survive with air conditioning. I CHALLENGE you all to step outside your comfort zones and enjoy an afternoon of safe, easy, and relaxing fun kayaking on the Hudson. There are so many amazing things about the Downtown Boathouse organization. Most importantly, kayaking is FREE. Yes, fellow broke New Yorkers, this is absolutely, without a doubt, 100% free of charge. This is run entirely by volunteers - you can of course make a donation in the box made available, but even this is not pushed on visitors. DTBH is also not affiliated at all with NYC parks and rec. Another plus: there are sev...

Submitted by: Tiffany T.

Fun, little known secret....so let's keep it on the downlow, ok?  Wouldn't want longer lines, right?  ; ) Friend and I went to the 72nd location on a Saturday morning around 10:30.  I think that's the best time to go.  Then you make up for all that exercise by lounging over brunch at Sarabeth's!  Go, strap on a life jacket, sign a waiver...hop in!  You should bring sunscreen and a change of clothes cuz your bottom will be soaked.  There's restrooms to change in near the cafe.  There are lockers for you to store electronics like cell phones.  You can leave your shoes down on the pier and go kayaking barefoot. Have to stay within a set area.  If you've been kayaking before, then this is pretty tame stuff.  The...


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