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Miami Science Museum, Miami, Florida

3280 S Miami Ave, Miami, Florida

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Submitted by: Erick A.

Not worth the money charged. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice science museum but you easily run out of things to do. The planetarium is nice and comes with a nice story to go along with learning about the stars. There's a health section that I would say pertains to the adul...

Submitted by: Rebecca K.

My daughter was clear. She wanted a birthday party at the Museum of Science. While this Miami landmark is sentimental to me, a native who visited as a child, my six year old loves it just as much. It's familiar, friendly and accessible. The staff is super helpful and friendly and we purchased a birthday party package right off their menu. It was great. Everything was taken care of, I just had to show up and order pizza. The Miami Science Museum took care of the decorations, room set up and clearing (whew, that alone is worth it), and entertained 20 kids for a few hours. It was awesome, for the six year old, and her working mom. The Miami Science Museum did such a great job, we bought a membership and have be...

Submitted by: Stephanie G.

So maybe it's my inner nerd/5 year old, but I can't help but to love the science museum.  Yes, Miami's is a bit older and they do need the revamp that they'll soon be getting (pictures of the new plan look fantastic).  The displays are kind of worn and cheap, the interior a bit small, and other cities do have better options.  However, with all kind of different exhibits, it manages to make learning fun!  Playing a skee-ball like game, feeling like you're a human top (not sure what the exhibits teach though), you can have a good time even if it isn't the snazziest of museums.  While most of the exhibits are geared towards children, there are some things the adults will enjoy too.        Personally, I really l...

Submitted by: Willian T.

Okay. So, I AM from MN which has an amazing science museum, so I shouldn't complain too much, but man, I was really disappointed. The place is really small. It's one level with maybe two/three galleries. We did get into their heart healthy exhibit a bit. There was a planetarium, BUT the shows...

Submitted by: Renee D.

Meh. Meh ok Fine - A-ok. You know what's sad - is that we went on one of those free nights, and still I'm giving it 3 stars. I'm sorry. I really feel for this place. I'm rooting for it. I am. It's the only place of its kind, and for that I give you props. Could they have torn it down and put a Walmart there. Yes, they could have. But they didn't. The parking is decent. But the place needs a makeover, and some enthusiasm. And perhaps better informed information desk people. I mean - you should go. At least once. But go on a free night, and maybe where the exhibit is somewhat decent. As for the constellation show. It was pretty decent. I did like that old moldy smell only because it reminded me of being a kid,...

Submitted by: Alex R.

I recently went to the Miami Science Museum with my wife and stepdaughter.  Having grown up in DC, do not expect something the size or scope of the Smithsonian, however, this is a great place for a f...

Submitted by: Helena P.

I absolutely love the Miami Science Museum and Planetarium. Their exhibits are fun and engaging, and kids -and adults! - of all ages can roam and explore. I love their ...

Submitted by: Jamie C.

Maybe I'm spoiled because I grew up going to museums in NYC. I guess I was expecting a lot more just reading about this place online. Sounded really cool but was so disappointed.  We went on the a Saturday when they have the free entrance to Bank of America members. My boyfriend and I got in for free but they charged $11 for our son.  (other museums didn't charge my son on Bank of America days) The place is so small, you can walk the whole place in about 15 minutes.  A lot of the displays were cheap plastic models on the wall.  I thought museums were suppose to display real things.  There were animals tied up outside.  The birds were tied down so that they were stuck in one position.  I really felt bad for t...

Submitted by: Kristy Q.

Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is giving me a chance to visit lots of kid places. I brought Little Sister here on her request this weekend. I recall having gone as a kid myself and although it was never all that, it was always a fun way to spend a day. As Dade County residents, we each paid $9 (by saying I was a student- no ID asked for). We were given a map and showtimes guide. First, we headed out back to the Wildlife Center. We saw the Birds of Prey presentation where poor Little was absolutely disgusted to watch the birds tear rats limb by limb LOL We had to jet out of that a bit early. Luckily, they recently opened a Human Yo-Yo lift in the Energy Garden which was really cool. We checked out...


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