Mokupapapa Discovery Center, Hilo, Hawaii

308 Kamehameha Ave, suite 109, Hilo, Hawaii

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Submitted by: Kuu K.

Although super small, this place is FREE so it's not like you're wasting your money here. My 8-yo daughter begs to stop her...

Submitted by: Andy S.

I'd read about this very small (and free) museum in a guide book, but we mainly stopped in here to get out of the rain. It's main goal is to educate people about Hawaii's remote coral reefs. The single aquarium is modestly sized, however it does have some nice examples of native fish. More impressive to me was the super-large wall map of the entire island chain, and the accompanying island descriptions. I didn't realize that Midway island (among others) was in the same volcanic chain as the Hawaiian islands, nor did I realize just how far the chain stretches from end to end. There are some displays and interactive stuff (mostly aimed at kids), with a theater/presentation room in the back (but nothing was sch...


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