Nassau & Paradise Island, Bahamas Family Vacation

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Nassau & Paradise Island, Bahamas Family Vacation Ideas

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There’s a lot more to see and explore in the Bahamas. Exploring the Bahamas: Must Do Activities That Are Great For Kids
Steeped in history and culture, the Bahamas will impress your kids with pirate lore, an abundance of wildlife, and an array of land and water sports.
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Nassau, Bahamas Perfect Weekend with Kids in Nassau, Bahamas
Whether you’re on a cruise with the kids or spending your entire vacation in the Bahamas, this Bahamian capital is worth exploring with the kids for the weekend.
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As the Disney fleet’s third ship, Disney Dream is not only bigger than its predecessors; it also boasts a few enhancements exclusive only to its decks.
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Most Teen-Friendly Resorts in the Caribbean
With attractions ranging from watersports to teen clubs and superb spas, you’re guaranteed a great family vacation in the Caribbean.

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5 Days of Adventure in Nassau with Teens and Tweens

by Mimi Slawoff Mendelson   World-Class Traveler
Built around a 141-acre water park and home to the largest open-air marine habitat in the world, the Atlantis Resort is modeled after the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Navigate meandering waterways, relax on white sand beaches and wade through blue water so clear you see fish without snorkel gear. The resort is connected by two bridges to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.<br/><br/>(Mimi Slawoff is a family travel writer and a Caribbean travel expert.)

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Nassau & Paradise Island, Bahamas