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Portland Children’s Museum, Portland, Oregon

4015 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, Oregon

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The best kids Museum I have even been to

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Great for ages 3-9, wouldn't recommend to take older kids there. The Zoo and the Tree museum are within the same area, so you can plan an entire day there. Museum fee: $10/kid/adult, parking $4.

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Submitted by: David R.

This place is through the looking glass - in ways both good and slightly crazed. Pros: - Great variety of activities, from the water room to the pretend grocery store and deli, to the clay room and dig pit (naming about 1/2 the stops), meaning that every visit can be different according to that day's moods and interests. - Staff are friendly and genuinely seem to like kids. - It's clean -- we've been to some neighborhood indoor play parks that are crazy grungy.  I'm all in favor of building up antibodies, but.... - Low-cost weekly classes for kids (yoga, dance, messy painting, etc) are fun and give the wee one a chance to meet some new kids. - Weekdays are generally mellow.  If you come on the weekend, come ...

Submitted by: Vanessa D.

My 18-month old absolutely loved this place! He particularly enjoyed the Vroom Room with the large train set, the Grasshopper Grocery & Butterfly Bistro, and the Baby's Garden with the fish tank and waterbed. They have a lot of other great exhibits like the Pet Hospital and Waterworks which are really detailed and cool. Even my sister, who is 28 years old, was just as excited as my son about how cool and fun everything was. They have a lot of interactive art rooms which my son was too old to do at the time, but I am looking forward to trying when we come visit in the future. This is a great place to visit for the day, especially if you get a rainy day in Portland (which never happens, haha). They have a cafe...

Submitted by: Ava P.

Yes, it's called the "Children's" museum, but really, this place, in all its interactive glory, is best suited for 2-6 year olds. My sons are 3.5 and ~2 and right now we are totally enjoying the museum. The weather in Portland requires taking kids to indoor play places 9 months of the year, and this is one of the best. Pros: Lots of vignettes for the kids to play in / enjoy. Dig Pit / Water Works / Grocery Store / Cafe = our favorites. Rotating exhibit every few months provides the kids with something new to do for 15 minutes of your visit (that's about how long they last at each spot). Cons: Super crowded on weekends. Summer / school groups sometimes mean older kids that have no business being in Dig Pit / ...

Submitted by: Susan B.

We discovered this place 2 years ago on one of our mini vacations to Portland and it is a "must experience" if you have kids. It may be our 4 year old daughter's very favorite place to play -ever! Everything here is meant to be touched and played with.  When asked what we should do on our last day here, she begged to do the museum AGAIN. It cost us $8/person. You get a discount if you mention that you took public transportation. Things she had to try twice (in this order) were: -water pipes, rubber ducky races -grocery store/diner (she made me a big sandwich and some coffee) -construction site (blocks, plumbing, locks) -magnetic blocks and gears -camping center with a tent and play fire. (there was also a pl...

Submitted by: Rebecca W.

Ugh! I guess I have to give this place at least 3 stars because my kids absolutely love this God forsaken place. Me, personally, I dread going here. It's loud! Wait...that is an understatement! What is louder than loud? Well, that is what this place is.  It's jam packed with a bunch of pint sized screamers, whiners and criers. Though, in all fairness, nearly every child in this place seems to be having a blast, out of control...but having a blast. I pity the poor staff in this joint! I feel like downing several margaritas after only an hour within its walls! Matter of fact, next time we plan a trip here I think I'll have a few before I go in. Maybe that will make it hurt less!   The incredible boredom you ar...

Submitted by: Laura D.

The first time I went, in 2009, was just to check it out. My son was too young for me to think he'd really enjoy it, and I was right. I was underwhelmed - very much so. When I went back with him at just over a year, he enjoyed it a LOT more. At two and a half, he adores it. The infant garden room is great for babies who are at least crawling, those who can stand (even if only supported) will be able to enjoy a lot more. There's a LOT in that room for the little ones, though it looks pretty darned boring to adult eyes, until you watch what they do. Love the waterbed (if they can't climb to a bench, they'll need help to get in, which is IMO a good thing). Watch the slide - the crawlers/early walkers can get up...

Submitted by: Krissy D.

This place is so cool for kids! Right now theres a curious george exhibit which is so cute. There are so many interactive activities for kids including a dig pit, water play, grocery store, vet area, dress up...

Submitted by: Willy T.

It could be nice, if they limited admission.  Too many kids and not enough to do.  IF you are going to have a "pet hospital" have more than 6 stuffed animals, or don't let 20 kids in at a time.  There needs to be staff at the exhibits explaining what each exhibit is or at least to answer questions.  Someone needs  to be with the kids, mak...

Submitted by: Laura A.

I love the Children's Museum. Our daughter is under 2 and there is still so much for her to do there. On a recent trip they had a Curious George exhibit that was pretty fun, but she loves to play in the d...


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