Riding Down Haleakala -- Haleakala Bike Company, Haiku, Hawaii

810 Haiku Rd, Haiku, Hawaii

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Submitted by: jan g.

absolutely great!  They were very accommodating about changing our reservation after out travel agent booked us too close to our airplane land time to actually make the trip.  They got us going and gave us a great tour of the volcano before setting us out.  There were 5 in our group, but my 14 year old was sick and did not feel up to the trip, she was to ride the van down.  after 500 yards my 10year old bailed.  They graciously stopped and put him on board with his sister.  The my 18 year old took a header over the handle bars and was cut and bruised, they pulled her off the road cared for her and took her down.  My 16 year old and I blasted down the mountain and loved every second.   Found all other kids ni...

Submitted by: Nathan W.

HOW CAN I GIVE 4.5 STARS? I'll keep this short so you'll read it.   Start to finish, our Express Ride including lunch and four leisurely browsing and snack stops took from 8:30 am (check in and equipment fitting) to 1:30 pm (return to Haiku).   It is NOT a hard ride.  Downhill most of the way except for five small hills and the single gear bikes make them easy!  At 200lbs on a Large bike, my momentum could carry me up 4 of the 5 hills, if I didn't have to slow down for the family! A great day for the entire family, and my wife and daughter are non-bikers.  It was a great sense of accomplishment for them while my 9 year-old son and I tore it up! Kimo was a good, helpful and humorous guide.  The bikes are ligh...

Submitted by: Yane Y.

We got up at 2 am to check in by 3 am! Whew! I guess it's a good thing to do when you get here and have major jetlag! All in all, the trip was okay. It must be a hit or miss! As Allison K. mentioned, we were FREEZING at the top of the mountain. Make sure you wear layers and layers and layers! (goggles would be nice, too! even though you may be considered a weirdo. The wind is strong up there. so, it may be hard to see.) For $90/head to wake up at 3 am and drive up to the mountain! to see the sunrise (which was a miss for us), and the drop off to ride the bikes down wasn't THAT amazing. I guess if you want to go the cheaper route, drive your rental car up the mountain!!! ***BIKES!!!*** CAUTION 1: I would stro...

Submitted by: Stephanie B.

Well, personally I feel the entire bike Haleakala thing is overrated.  Yes, it was a decent time, but I'm not sure it was worth the most-of-a-day it took.  One thing all the companies are a bit sneaky in advertising is the fact that you don't ride down from the peak.  I imagine that when you did it was incredible.  As it is now, you start around 6500 feet and the ride is great at first.  We had the clouds coming in and it was an eerie, surreal feeling as we navigated the switchbacks.  However, the lower you go the more crowded and congested the road becomes...and the less enjoyable the ride. As for Haleakala Bike Co., I'm glad we went with them.  A few huge pros: they let my kids ride (they are 5 and 8) wher...


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