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Sugar Cane Train, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

17 Kaka'alaneo Dr, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

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All Aboard! Sugarcane Train!

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Submitted by: Hulda W.

It is what it is and I love it because my grandsons do.  Nice ukelele entertainment every once in a while and I bring a book so the boys can get their train fix.  Some fun things are the trestle, filling the boiler with water and splashing the kids and then the turnaround at the Lahaina statio...

Submitted by: august d.

Kids loved it. we didn't. THe most expenisve tra...

Submitted by: Margaret w.

This a cute way for families to entertain their small children. There is nothing you see on this ride you cannot see by just driving up the road. I would not r...

Submitted by: Kent T.

The Lahaina, Ka'anapali, and Pacific Railroad operates the Sugar Cane Train, a replica narrow gauge steam-powered locomotive with open air passenger cars, that runs on a 6 mile stretch of railroad recreating the path originally used to haul sugar cane from the plantation fields in Ka'anapali to the Pioneer Mill in Lahaina.  The 45 minute (1 1/2 hours round trip) narrated trip meanders through former sugar cane fields turned neighborhoods and golf courses and as it enters Lahaina, unfortunately, takes you through backyards, behind shopping centers, and through areas that we will politely call trash piles.  While this is only a small section of the trip it was enough to make us think twice about doing it again...

Submitted by: Jake S.

I have to say that as a kid i loved riding trains.  When I found out Maui had one, i tried it out and now I enjoy going for rides on the Sugar Cane Train almost every month when in West Maui.  The employees are so friendly and even though I've lived on Maui for a while, I learn something new each time I go on the train rides.  Tip: Purchase a Chilled Coconut and enjoy the savory sweet and refreshing water in there to keep you cool.  You can take the coconut and have it opened by hotel, condo, and resort employees once you get back to your room. In this case I take mine home and use a hammer to break it open.  Have fun listening to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the whistle and bell while riding along in ...

Submitted by: Angela M.

I knew going in what this was going to be like.  I've ridden on a similar train ride on another island and it is pretty boring.  I have two small children, who was super excited when we first got there and as I knew they would be.  They screamed and jumped up and down when I told them they would be going.  About 30 minutes into the hour and 20 minute ride, they were asking to be done.  It's too long for little children.  The ride is slow and there isn't much to see that you could not see from the highway or adjacent roads.   It's expensive.  Even at the local resident rate it was expensive. The "tour guide" was a SUPER nice local man but he shared a lot that I would have preferred was left out of the tour. A...

Submitted by: Dave H.

Initially seemed kinda lame going through the armpit of Laheina. But hang in there, it gets good! The trip is about 25 minutes up the road, by the golf courses, etc. Lots of whistling and cool stuff, a neet trestle and good ocean views. Coolest part was when the...

Submitted by: D M.

My little man is a HUGE train fan (as is every 3 y/o) so when we saw this, we had to do it.  I realize for 60 a person I would probably be underwhelmed a bit.   The amount of enjoyment my son got doing this trip made it worth every penny.  The people who ran it seem VERY genuine, and were super helpful, and tried t...

Submitted by: doctor g.

Years ago, we stayed for a few days in the Ka'anapali area and visited Lahaina for shopping and restaurants.  We decided to take the Sugar Cane Train in Lahaina for the heck of it.  The Train goes up to Ka'anapali right along side the highway that we had traveled to get to and from Lahaina!   Recently, we stopped at the Train's Ka'anapali stop for some tasty shave ice at the trailer at the "station".  The guy behind the counter was a very friendly guy and gave my wife a refill of her shave ice.  Right next to the shave ice trailer was the trailer for the vegetable and fruit stand.  The blonde gal working behind the fruit and veggie counter  was incredible.  She was dancing and swaying (no music) and babbling...


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