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Trimper's Rides and Amusement Park, Ocean City, Maryland

798 S Boardwalk, Ocean City, Maryland

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Submitted by: Tom G.

I've been coming Trimper's Rides ever since way back when the excitement of the Snoopy Planes would cause me to lose control of my bladder and leave a wet spot on the seat for the next passenger. Yes, last summer was great! The truth is, there are few places in this region, if anywhere, that can compare with Trimper's for an unreconstructed nostalgic carnival atmosphere. I was hanging out in here thirty years ago, and I don't think anything has changed. My dad rode some of these same rides before me. Now I take my own kids there and buy a 40 pack of tickets for 18 bucks and let them revel in these 1950's (if not earlier) rides. They go spinning around in fire trucks while the calliope wails like a seaside zo...

Submitted by: Tommy L.

Good place for kids and get the wrist band other wise it's about $2.50 a ride and they can burn through 10 rides in 20 minutes.  A...

Submitted by: C W.

Our family consisted of three tweens and one Preschooler. All of them had a great time. For $23 you can get a wristba...

Submitted by: Tara M.

I have been going to Trimpers for 30+ years. My parents and grandparents took me as a kid, I took my kids and no sometimes I just go alone or with friends. The rides are always clean and safe. The Carousel is a tradition for me. I ri...

Submitted by: William F.

Wow... it doesn't get any better than Trimper's!  Old fashioned carnival rides is what you'll find... from the Himalaya, to the Merry Mixer, to my personal favorite... the Tilt 'a Whirl.... then on to the roller coaster, and the fun h...

Submitted by: Zenide R.

Trimper's is a small boardwalk park that has an incredible collection of amazing classic rides.  If you're looking for a huge roller coaster, head away from the coast - but if you want some sweet old-time thrills, take an afternoon or evening at Trimper's. The carousel is so beautiful - antique and hand-carved/painted, with great variety of animals.  The Toboggan and the Zipper will show you how spoiled we are with the silky-smooth modern engineering of rides these days.  We crunched our spines on the Toboggan and broke a camera on the Zipper - but laughed hysterically and had a great time on both rides!  The Wacky Worm is really cute and classic, too.  The Matterhorn ride is a staple at amusement parks, but...

Submitted by: Nathan C.

Trimper's on the Boardwalk is a must-stop location for those with younger kids in tow who can't really enjoy the big rides or participate in the teenage hormone festival going on in the arcades and out on the boardwalk. This indoor, air conditioned area of a larger park complex is full of rides perfect for those 2 and up.  The centerpiece is a huge, gorgeous, antique carousel that's well maintained and operated.  Lots of other rides, including bumper cars (2 tracks -- one for little kids and one for big kids), a mini ferris wheel, a few cars-on-tracks kind of rides, and even a boat ride.  All in all there's about ten rides in the building, and a shooting gallery. The kids simply love coming here.  $18 gets y...


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