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Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia

1502 Duranleau, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Submitted by: Ema N.

At first I was very hesitant and reluctant to come here but after finally giving in to my boyfriend really, REALLY wanting to come here, I said yes. The museum was delightful and surprisingly was not boring and totally cool. Everything opposite of what I'd imagined! The tour begins with a short video (that also incorporate Inuits!) and a self walking tour of the St. Roch. After viewing the short video, I really appreciated the boat so much more, just because of the history and perils she endured. The museum is also very culturally open and sensitive to the local indigenous population and the Inuit culture and First Nations/American Indians as well. The Ainu (Inu) who hail from Japan was also mentioned in one...

Submitted by: Noa G.

This museum features the final moorage of the RCMP schooner, St. Roch, which is best known for its dangerous west to east voyage through the treacherous Northwest Passage. Exhibits include an extensive collection...


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